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New Star Citizen Videos Show the Carrack, New Moons, and More | Crowdfunding Passes $269 MIllion



Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released two new videos about future content coming to the game and more.

The first video focuses on the three moons of Microtech that will be introduced in the next alpha 3.9 coming in March.

We get to see some really nice shots of the surface of the moons, which mostly features arctic climates but each has its own flavor.

For instance, one has no ocean, the second has a frozen ocean, while the third’s ocean is fluid.

The second part of the video focuses on the brand new ship coming in the next patch, which has been pretty much the “Holy Grail” of the Star Citizen community for a while, the Anvil Carrack (the screenshots at the top of the post is courtesy of Reddit user bvirgl). The ship is already available for those invited to the Evocati early test.

The second video features a Q&A with Richard Towler and Yogi Klatt from the Vehicle Experience Team as they talk all things spaceships, answering a lot of questions from players.

In other Star Citizen news, the crowdfunding total has passed $269 million today.

To be more precise, it’s at $269,008,87 at the moment of this writing, with 2,531,069 registered accounts.


The Carrack really is beautiful, but I'm not giving in. Buying that with in-game money only when I can save enough :messenger_tears_of_joy:


For how much? 10K? Yeah fuck that :messenger_tears_of_joy:

The Carrack is $500, but I'm buying it with credits I'll earn in-game. When I backed Star Citizen, I promised myself I wouldn't spend on it more than the average collector's edition of a game, and I've kept that promise.

Besides, for me buying ships is pretty much like buying the Final Fantasy XIV items that let you jump to level 70, since ships are basically the game's progression. No need to spoil it when I can enjoy the curve by actually playing the game.
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Any... ETAs on release date, if I may ask?

The single-player portion Squadron 42 will go in alpha in Q2 this year and in beta in Q3. A release date has not been announced, but could be Q4 or Q1 next year? If they hold to the roadmap, the beta would have all the chapters and content ready, and it'd just be a polish phase, so I doubt the intention is for it to be very long.

For the multiplayer, there isn't a release window for now.
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Amazing tech and the feeling of being in space is like nothing I've experienced, could end up being what makes me jump into VR (if they get rid of the screen door effect).

Bought into the game with the base starter pack a year or so a go after not really thinking this would go anywhere. In that time the game has made some great technical progress.

Love it, but I only boot it up for an hour or so when a new update is released and although progress is going strong, I cannot recommend people buy into it unless this sort of thing really is your jam and you want to make a contribution to the development,

One loading screen and once youre in, thats it. You can go from star port to planet level without any loading and considering the smallest of planets can be larger than the biggest open world single player games, coupled with the universe being as large as it is and with so much detail, the fact the game looks better than the majority of titles out there right now while performing as good if not better, this idea that theyre just spending the money on holidays and fast car is nonsense. I think people have confused them for Blizzard/Activsion, Bethesda and Ubisoft

The current state of gameplay is bare bones. Mining, deliveries and bounty hunting. Enemy Ai is very basic, like a notch below bethesda basic. This is to be expected though as you need a game world before you can populate it with missions and theyre still building that world.

It took bethesda 7 years to dribble out Fallout 4 with its bugs and reduced content/dumbed down gameplay that people buy without question, and here we have start citizen thats been in development for 9 years and even in its current status, its more stable and massive compared to the open world games of AAA.

Its tech demo status right now, but its also never been done to this scale. Im not sure what people are getting so uptight about.
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