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New Study Claims PlayStation Fans Are More Brand Loyal Than Other Gamers.


When you can correctly decipher the objectively best brand, I guess that makes you brand loyal



Of course, why do you think they are the most vocal minority on the internet? :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Nintendo not being the most loyal is because lots of people (maybe in fact the slight majority) bought the Switch and didn't own the Nintendo WiiU, that was basically bought by loyalists.


Being loyal to brands is hands down one of the most stupid fucking things you can do.

I ignore brands the second something better comes out.

Why do people buy tesla cars?


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Half of them are probably clueless muppets who buy new PS hardware for the latest version of Fifa and COD.

I know so many morons who do just that whilst never experiencing Uncharted, GOW, etc.
Yeah but that's with every console

They're called casuals 😉


Fuck brand loyalty, either a company is doing enough to keep your business or its not.... I don't have fucking loyalty to any fucking "brand". Fucking millennial their "brands". :messenger_tears_of_joy:

A brand is a fictional object that really doesn't exist, it only exist in your mind. Its like saying I'm loyal to the Easter Bunny, it doesn't exist.
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You realize that Nintendo fans are probably the most likely to also own another system as well, right?

I would regard PlayStation as being more casual. For a lot of people a PlayStation is the latest standard in console and there is nothing else.

Games like FIFA and Call of duty are the higher sellers. Nintendo has Nintendo games as their highest sellers and it's been like this forever.
That's loyalty to me.


I think all 3 brands have their hardcore fans but amongst the hardcore fans, Nintendo hardcore fans are the most loyal.

1) Nintendo Direct videos have far higher view counts than the Playstation version. In fact, Nintendo related videos have a much higher number of views compared to Xbox and playstation. Just check the view counts of any switch or Nintendo game videos on YouTube.

Smash brothers tournaments often have way higher views than Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 tournaments, to the point that Smash is now the main game of Evo and not Street Fighter.

2) Do a poll for favourite character or games and the Nintendo character or game always exceeds the rest.

3) I haven't heard of playstation or Xbox evangelists. But I know a lot of switch evangelists in real life and on forums.

4) I know people who hate fighting games but bought Pokken and Smash Brothers Ultimate anyway because it has the Nintendo tag on it.

I'm going to make a bold prediction. If Dreams were made by Nintendo , it'd get lots of buzz and hype. But it's made by Sony. So it's going to sell like shit.

People who hate open world games suddenly love Breath Of The Wild. People who hate hack and slash games suddenly love Bayonetta or Astral Chain. The list goes on.

5) I also find that Nintendo fans often find the need to tell everyone that they are buying the switch version of a game. They can't simply say I'm buying XXX game. They'd have to add I'm buying XXX on the switch!!!

6) Also, the Media Create thread at resetera will not as be popular if switch isn't leading.

Nintendo related threads tend to have the most posts, be it vgchartz or resetera. Nintendo threads also have the most frequency.

7) Nintendo fans tend to tune out gaming news that are not Nintendo related. But the moment a game that wasn't on the switch suddenly comes to the switch, they'll be all over the news and excitedly telling everyone about it.

Lastly, I think there's nothing wrong with being a fan or being brand loyal as long as you're not hurting others. You're a human being. It's normal to be biased.

I like fanboys (as long as they are respectful and not over the top). They're passionate people who dare to admit they love and support something.

Those holier than thou people though who think they're so matured just because they aren't a fan of anything... Are hypocrites. They need to get off their high horse.

I also always doubt when people claim they own all consoles and are neutral. If you're a working adult, you don't have that luxury of time to play everything. Unless you're retired. Or very rich. I'm sure some of you genuinely own all 3 consoles. But I doubt it most of the time. It's just a front to make yourself look neutral (to strangers on the Internet).
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Brand loyalty is really pathetic and a borderline illness. These companies aren't your friends, and people choosing to close themselves off to other ecosystems or products is just absurd. You're missing out on so much in doing so.
Maybe just maybe some of us with family and full-time job don't have enough time to play on all platforms and decided to stick with one that has the games we like to play and enjoy even for few hours per week.


I'd say Nintendo fans are the most loyal. Nintendo has come out with some pretty terrible half baked products, underpowered, overpriced yet there are legions of people buy it regardless.
Not saying that Nintendo doesn't often turn things around and make it a compelling device but at the start for myself I just don't see the draw yet people will line up for it
I think that’s really only because they fill a niche with their 1st party games that nobody else can cater to. If you like Nintendo games you’re locked into Nintendo. Even if that means suffering through a weird quirk or shoehorned motion-controls or drifting joycons. It’s unfortunately the only game in town if you’re a fan of Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, etc so you either suck it up or go without.

From my outside perspective, Sony and Microsoft seem to compete for the same demographic and have the same library of multi platform 3rd parties. There doesn’t seem to be a lot differentiating them which just makes all the console warring and loyal console warriors bizarre to me.
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