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New Themes, Paypal Payments, and A Gold-Exclusive Surprise


When I opened the page and light theme was turned back on

My Eyes Pain GIF


I'm running the new dark theme. I like it.

Is there anyway to see how many times you have replied to a thread like you could a few years ago?


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Just one minor issue, when I load the site the top banner is slightly cut. The thread width is fine, just the banner like this:

So I have to pinch out to zoom slightly to see the full banner

But then it has a weird cutoff and the thread width is slightly smaller than the screen


Round avatars don't seem to be working anymore. And I can't find the PayPal option. Have I turned blind or is that implemented later today?


Love the new look.

Just encountered one issue: I couldn't highlight a quote in a previously posted post (I just wanted to italicize it).


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I used to have the bar on the left, I don't like sites too wide.

And I'm still 12 :messenger_downcast_sweat:
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Some of the upper ads(at least the large ones) seem to have the thread title text clipping into them. With the specific ad image below it's fine, but when I first loaded the page it was an ad that matched the color of the text which essentially cut off the top of the letters.



Said this elsewhere, but: When I loaded the site, I thought my browser cookies got randomly deleted for the second time in as many days.

Both dark themes seem pretty good. Might stick with classic though just because it feels a bit more readable on desktop for me. Site is very wide for sure. Will also take some getting used to.


It looks cool, good job guys. I was too lazy to visit non-gaming forums(plus hot/new etc.), now they are much more accessible(at least for me :messenger_grinning_sweat: ).


New dark theme is definitely a great addition but I'm gonna be honest, I'm not a fan that everything is aligned on the left.
It feels very unnatural to read on my monitor with so much empty space in the middle.

Maybe I need to get used to it but an option to stick back the navigation menu on the left and recenter the threads would be great.
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