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New trailer for Shin Megami Tensei V

According to this preview the game runs pretty well on Switch
Nice read, thanks! Glad to read that the game runs well, it's one of my few concerns with the game.

Buggy Loop


According to this preview the game runs pretty well on Switch

This game had a huge technical ramp up in image cleanliness and frame rates compared to early trailers it seems. Good for us!


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The introduction of Sophia is pretty cool, what with the character design and background music. I'm really digging how far SMTV is exploring Gnostic theology.
I also really like Sophia's design and fusion animation this time around. If remember correctly Sophia also appeared in SMT NINE but with entirely different design.


I played the SMTV demo at TGS, there's really not much to say about it: System-wise it's pretty much the same as usual, with all the quality of life improvements from recent games. The only things that felt new were the ability to jump and strike enemies for an advantage on the field. There's also a new system to just add a demon's properties on to someone to get their stuff rather than combine them for a new one (this can be used on the main character too) but there wasn't much room to mess with it in the demo.

The graphics felt fine to me and the battles look fantastic but I'm pretty sure that there are going to be a lot of complaints about the graphics on the field (though that would probably come mostly from the console war type people) - Some jaggies are extremely noticeable (particularly stuff like train wires), as are some field objects popping into existence (low draw distance). Of course this might just be a demo thing that they have fixed by the time the full game is out, but if it isn't then I can practically already see the trolling.

I didn't notice any frame rate issues and loading for battles was fast.
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Love that Amon from Strange Journey Redux is returning, I really like the design.


Yup! The lore Jack Frost trained to become powerful and turn to Black Frost.

In Nocturne he was optional boss, if you beat him he will turn back to Jack Frost.
SMT3 Nocturn was my first experience of this series, that's pretty cool they have some shinigami for this type of stuff.


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This will be the game that will tide me over until Endwalker releases. Very excited to return to one of my favorite franchises.

I enjoyed SMT4 for what it was, but this is the first brand new console SMT game since 3, which released 17 years ago, right?
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