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Next-Gen Gaming Is an Environmental Nightmare. :: Guess the source

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Obviously not, however push back againts traditional dedicated devices, I can see Google doint this shit.

They would struggle to make a truthful and valid point on the matter.

One of the worst companies on earth for the environment and very few people realise it.


I thought it was an interesting article. Very surface level but still had some good stats. Like many others have pointed out, gaming isn't the biggest battleground for the environment (at least not yet), but I still think it's a good thing to have some level of awareness of its impact.

Doesn't mean anyone should feel bad about playing videogames. But a higher general awareness of where we can save energy is good in my book.


I'm with you.. problem is it'll never happen..

Smartphones are also insanely bad for the environment
and it's not about forbid but to make thing slower and switch more r&d focus on power consumption and make things fixable and more durable (for example no new x models of iphone/samsung every 10 month but more waiting for technological process or discovery for example)....
in fact consoles are not the worst thing when it comes to electronic products with their 7 years lifetime.
imo it won't last forever if our rhythm of production are not aligned with nature one...we should care even if we will not see it (especially if we have progeny)
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