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[NEXT LEVEL lames™] ResetEra sold to M.O.B.A. Network for USD$4.55 million

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Eras greatest mod. In a text based medium he can't spell for shit. Every. single. post. he makes has grammatical and spelling errors. Also you know furry Gary Coleman is losing her shit right now somewhere in a Discord.

The slayer of words.

Or slayven if it was written by him most probably...
Not being vaccinated puts others in danger, fuckwad. People can die because of your stupid, selfish decision. It's a needle in your arm for half a second. Not getting a vaccine because of "personal reasons" is precisely what you're trying to describe: not being able to live in society.

Everything you just mentioned about me probably relates more to you then to be. I recommend you get help.

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Never heard of M.O.B.A Network before this, but I don't touch Esports to begin with. Anyone actually use their services?
I'm just going to assume it's another Swedish money laundering scheme.

I occasionally check out two sites they own, hearthpown and diablofans. Afaik both were to be closed down but they swooped in.


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Did you just call me a stupid piece of shit in all caps? What are you? 12 years old?

I’m not anti vax, I’m not a right winger and yet I understand that I live in the real world where people who are exist. I can go around calling them stupid pieces of shit or learn to co exist.

You are everything that’s wrong with era. You want to live in a bubble. You got your bubble in era and you hated it. You hate this place because it has people who have a different world view. You hate everyone because you don’t fit in anywhere.

And you don’t fit in anywhere because you are a sad loser. No one likes you. No one will ever accept you. You’re a delusional fuck who thinks everyone must think like you when literally half the country is anti vax and leans right. Go back to nazi era with other angry losers who have not learned basic human skills like empathy, compassion and understanding. You are angry and alone. Its why there is new a suicide thread there every week. You people have not learned to no exist with your own family and friends. You have no one. You are a generation of angry losers.
Lmao at thinking that being antivax is reasonable.


Hats off to Cerium honestly for a smart financial move.

Loving all the salt from ERA posters worried that their online safe space may change and they may have to speak to someone who disagrees with them. Even though it probably won’t.

Also it’s hilarious and sad that the mods aren’t paid. Sometimes volunteer moderators work out but it’s obvious there they just like the authority to be able to enforce their own views. If they were paid then maybe there would have been more pushback and competition when things started to get crazy over there after the first few months.


I sorta thought the site was started by many "theys". It seemed liked a joint effort, or that was the impression they gave early on, so it is sort of surprising to me it was owned by one "they" who will now pocket over 4M dollars.
agreed. tbh though - no one really knows the under the table deals that people have going on. his core court of cronies could all be getting a small chunk.
I have a prophecy. In less than a year, some members of that place will find out that in these other sites administration or even in MOBA network administration itself, there are members doing some unacceptable stuff like having a christian religion. They will create a topic outraged at this fact, demand heads to roll. And when they realize they don't really have that kind of power, the community will crumble.


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Well I just had the most interesting reaction in their discord.

Let me just say that it is no different than the forum. It is unbelievable how close-minded some of those people are and I must say that I know it's not the whole community but just like this community gets judge for some stupid stuff that some people say I will state what I said before in the chat.

For me personally, I'm not invested in the politics or in my favorite team versus yours as much as I am in having a fun interactive discussion amongst mostly adults who can politely disagree with each other.

Heaven forbid I might post a poop joke or make a fool out of myself because I'm simply having fun in a place which is just a distraction from the real life responsibilities I have.

That's why I came back here mainly and I did personally message the owner and stated my intent. I don't think I've deviated from when I first said I was going to do and mostly have fun on here and I don't have time to be muddled with negativity but I do have all the time for a joke here and there because maybe I am more old school and you have a sense of humor and thick skin but I can take a joke about anything.

Reset is just an amalgamation of what's currently happening in the world and where your opinion has to be this way or you can just simply get out and that doesn't have anything to do with racial or anti this and that I don't even have time for all that stupidity even if I do have an opinion on it I don't really care.

Where people on a forum like that are blind is that they see that world according to them as if it is the only way and because that is the popular opinion or belief or the way that place is run then even if you come in there and politely disagree or as some people have sarcastically joked, breathe the wrong way, you are not welcome there.

That is what is inherently wrong with that place and I'm not going to be one of those people that comes in there and posts racial slurs or sharply negative opinions just to get attention. My general tone and way of typing is generally the way I am in real life.

I have a mortgage refinance I'm working on, a 6 week old, work promotion stuff happening, and a beautiful marriage and kids and Life to live and these forums just provide a nice little escape into humor and gaming or computer hardware discussion that suits me.

Sorry for the foreword on my new book LOL


Pretty much this is the reason I stop visiting.

I used to visit gaming/anime forums for news and theories.
But really got into Gaf/Era back in 2019 with the PS5/XBSX leaks.

Then I started seeing many people getting ban left, right and centre on Era, that Era started getting most of their leaks from Gaf. So in 2020 I decided to join Gaf, it allowed people to have an opinion (even when wrong) without getting ban.

And been loving Gaf ever since.
Like the Gaming Community, wish it had an Anime Community though.

Thought that GAF meant Gaming & Anime Forum at first. :messenger_grinning_sweat:


Considering how their moderators operate (they literally offer "protection" against arbitrary bans through places like discord, good job on banning anyone who dares speak up about it btw) they could sell VIP plans to their users to not get banned for no reason. So much opportunity for profit!


This post reads like a cry for help.

Not being vaccinated puts others in danger, fuckwad. People can die because of your stupid, selfish decision. It's a needle in your arm for half a second. Not getting a vaccine because of "personal reasons" is precisely what you're trying to describe: not being able to live in society.

Everything you just mentioned about me probably relates more to you then to be. I recommend you get help.
“No you”. THATS you comeback? I was wrong about you being 12. You talk like an 8 year old. Hell, my son stopped doing NO YOU when he turned 7.

And spare me the lecture on what vaccines can do. I’m not anti Váx you moron. How thick are you? All I did was tell you that there are other people out there who are and you threw a bitch fit.

That’s all you and your era cronies do. You lack basic reading comprehension. You get triggered immediately before even gestating whats written. You assumed I was anti vax because I dared to acknowledge the existence of anti vaxxers instead of putting my head in the sand. Typical era logic. You are either with us or against us. No room for middle ground. If we dont like female athletes being forced to compete with transgender athletes, you and your era losers label us transphobic. if we criticize china, you label us racist as if china is the only asian country in the world. if we criticize woke culture, you call us right wingers.

Get out of here with this perpetually angry professionally outraged rhetoric. You get triggered by the mere acknowledgement of differing viewpoints. You wont survive in the real world yelling and screaming at people who refuse to get vaccinated or are right wingers. You wont do it because you are a scared little boy in a state of arrested development. The rest of us learned how to live with people who are different. Who think different. Have different views. Trans era, Asian Era, PC era all had their own exodus. They hated era just like you do because they couldnt tolerate differences in their own little bubble.

Now you are here with normal people, and you are struggling. Crying like a little bitch. Having a meltdown over being told other people exist. It's sad if it wasnt so typical of the kind of Nazi love it or leave it mentality you people have.
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