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[NEXT LEVEL lames™] ResetEra sold to M.O.B.A. Network for USD$4.55 million

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A broken clock is right twice a day.
"He didn't sell his website, so he must be full of ego and desire for power".

And these people are leftists?


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Pretty much this is the reason I stop visiting.

I used to visit gaming/anime forums for news and theories.
But really got into Gaf/Era back in 2019 with the PS5/XBSX leaks.

Then I started seeing many people getting ban left, right and centre on Era, that Era started getting most of their leaks from Gaf. So in 2020 I decided to join Gaf, it allowed people to have an opinion (even when wrong) without getting ban.

And been loving Gaf ever since.
Like the Gaming Community, wish it had an Anime Community though.

Thought that GAF meant Gaming & Anime Forum at first. :messenger_grinning_sweat:
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Eras greatest mod. In a text based medium he can't spell for shit. Every. single. post. he makes has grammatical and spelling errors. Also you know furry Gary Coleman is losing her shit right now somewhere in a Discord.

Is it just me who is reading, "and B-Dubs are giving folks and played the rapist for me way too many times."


“No you”. THATS you comeback? I was wrong about you being 12. You talk like an 8 year old. Hell, my son stopped doing NO YOU when he turned 7.

And spare me the lecture on what vaccines can do. I’m not anti Váx you moron. How thick are you? All I did was tell you that there are other people out there who are and you threw a bitch fit.

That’s all you and your era cronies do. You lack basic reading comprehension. You get triggered immediately before even gestating whats written. You assumed I was anti vax because I dared to acknowledge the existence of anti vaxxers instead of putting my head in the sand. Typical era logic. You are either with us or against us. No room for middle ground. If we dont like female athletes being forced to compete with transgender athletes, you and your era losers label us transphobic. if we criticize china, you label us racist as if china is the only asian country in the world. if we criticize woke culture, you call us right wingers.

Get out of here with this perpetually angry professionally outraged rhetoric. You get triggered by the mere acknowledgement of differing viewpoints. You wont survive in the real world yelling and screaming at people who refuse to get vaccinated or are right wingers. You wont do it because you are a scared little boy in a state of arrested development. The rest of us learned how to live with people who are different. Who think different. Have different views. Trans era, Asian Era, PC era all had their own exodus. They hated era just like you do because they couldnt tolerate differences in their own little bubble.

Now you are here with normal people, and you are struggling. Crying like a little bitch. Having a meltdown over being told other people exist. It's sad if it wasnt so typical of the kind of Nazi love it or leave it mentality you people have.
Hopefully they can fix the moderation team and make it more inclusive. I got banned for saying I enjoy listening to Collin Moriarity...that's insane considering i don't agree with his politics but feel he's among the best opinions in gaming. I'm as wokity woke as it gets, but the way they go about it makes Leftist look terrible.


People use work emails for that site?

They're pretty strict on it in the sign-up process. I was verafied there for a while but got to the point where didn't want to be associated with it - had it closed down about two years ago now and haven't regretted it.
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