[NEXT LEVEL lames™] ResetEra sold to M.O.B.A. Network for USD$4.55 million

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I can only assume he wanted to sell it for more but realized that this is as good as it's going to get -- that the site is all downhill from here. What with all the controversies stacking up and the community shrinking more with each one. I can't imagine they're exactly attracting new members by the boatload.


This is not true at all.

It is I was literally fucking there when it happened. He literally talked on discord about not being able to sleep because he did so much work to cover that specific developer who then was connected I guess to some shitty tweets and cringe political views. After a bunch of dog piling on top of console war BS from both here and reset, he basically called it quits for posting.

But the Developer coverage/interview he did was the stroke that broke the camels back.
Like others have pointed out, you do have to admire the sheer audacity of the ruthless way they went about stealing this site's audience and starting up their own thing.

The posters there now have a big corporate daddy to moan to whenever the crazies in charge get particularly crazy. I know all the talk is about how nothing will change, but generally if you shell out four and a half million bucks you probably feel entitled to change a few things here and there. I wonder just how much batshit insanity they will tolerate.


What the hell is it with people placing moderation as their be end all when determining what forum they want to frequent? That just strikes me as pathetic as you can get. We're talking about videogames for God's sake, lol.

I can understand not wanting bots and spammers but what's wrong with having a few outlandish statements and dumb flame wars here and there? That's how legends are born.

Maybe I'm just completely ignorant to the amount of moderating that happens on GAF but this place seems pretty chill. I don't really see unmoderated madness in the threads I read and post in.
They need the forum to be as clean as possible so they can attract important industry people to get juicy info and leaks. That's the reason why they ban people left and right and how they sold the site at that price.
They do... Any game anime related gets shitted over there.

And it gets super-weird when they start bashing them for "Japaneseness" or stereotyping Japan and anime. Like, they can't realize how hypocritical they are.

But that's a whole other discussion.

But seriously now, I'm just joking on pedoEra. Just so you know lmao

Oh don't worry I know. And I'm just taking the piss out of them here. There are SOME legit posters over there tbh, but it's very easy to see the insane ones when they post.
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And it gets super-weird when they start bashing them for "Japaneseness" or stereotyping Japan and anime. Like, they can't realize how hypocritical they are.

But that's a whole other discussion.
Honestly, it's annoying. Specially how they trash kingdom hearts for being over the top anime and that's... Why the fans love the series. They really have no respect for people's taste.


I understand if you want to lock this thread, mods/Evilore.

It's interesting news though.

M.O.B.A. Network acquires ResetEra.com - one of the world's largest gaming forums​

M.O.B.A. Network has today acquired ResetEra.com, one of the world's largest gaming forum and community brands, which has great growth potential. With the acquisition, M.O.B.A. Network's portfolio expands its reach globally with approximately 60 million page views per month.

ResetEra.com was founded in 2017 and has grown rapidly with a committed audience. Sales in the last twelve months (up to and including 31 August) amounted to approximately USD 700,000 with an EBITDA margin of approximately 80%. The purchase price amounts to USD 4.55 million and will be paid in cash in two tranches, where USD 3.55 million has been paid upon closing, and USD 1 million will be paid by 31 December 2021.

ResetEra.com's revenue is generated through ads and member subscriptions. M.O.B.A. Network sees significant opportunities to increase advertising revenue through a higher share of direct sales, implementation of new ad formats, and a long-term product development strategy. M.O.B.A. Network, therefore, estimates that ResetEra.com can grow sales significantly in 2022 while maintaining an EBITDA margin.

With ResetEra.com, M.O.B.A. Network gets a strong, global community brand and access to a very active discussion forum with over 45 million forum posts and about 55,000 members. The discussion topics on ResetEra.com are broad and cover all kinds of games and platforms such as consoles, PC, and mobile games, which expands the M.O.B.A. Network's position in the gaming industry. ResetEra.com's core values are "inclusivity and diversity," and the community sets high demands for approving membership. The core values and the high membership requirements are also essential to M.O.B.A. Network.

The operational team that runs ResetEra will continue to moderate and engage with the community and work with M.O.B.A. Network on future product development.

"We are very excited and proud to welcome ResetEra.com - one of the world's largest gaming forum and community brands - to our growing number of brands," said Björn Mannerqvist, CEO of M.O.B.A. Network. "ResetEra.com has great growth potential, and we see significant opportunities to develop ResetEra.com, continue to grow traffic flows, improve the sales development and extract synergies within the M.O.B.A. Group."

"ResetEra.com is another step in our strategy to grow through acquisitions and create more relevant communities with attractive, growing target groups that many companies want to expose themselves to," said Björn Mannerqvist.

Source: cision



The funnist shit is Slayven and Nepenthe "volunteering" for The White Man. Those people are insane and their hate for white people is disgusting and palpable, and of course completely accepted on Era. Instan ban if you question it.

They should look up their new "employer". He looks like everything they hate, lmao.
I don't think this is true at all since the majority of the site are white American 30ish males.


A gaming forum that bans discussion of one of the bigger upcoming games and the deluded members think that's just wonderful. It's really hard to believe RetardEra is real and not a comedy parody.

I had no idea, I had to look it up on Google and what you say it's true. That's crazy. Really.


I can't put up with all that woke fuckery either, to be honest. They call other people "bigots" but they're the ones banning anyone who thinks differently. So who are the real bigots here?

I find it hard to believe that someone was willing to pay even a cent for that shit of a forum.
fuck me, he really does sum up the very definition of a Reeetard.. Journey of Recovery.. fuck away aff into the sea, the cunt just made 4mil off your fucking backs you utter fool
Wait, so he sold them for $4.5 million to cure his mental health? This must be a new cure, some kind of medical breakthrough. Wish someone could "cure" me with a few millions...for science, of course.

I'm obviously not making fun of mental illnesses, I know and have known people with some and honestly wish it was something they weren't afflicted with. However, it IS laughable that mods there are trying to justify the sale by roping it in with the dude's mental illness struggles. Like, how do you even begin to connect those together? :LOL:

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They need the forum to be as clean as possible so they can attract important industry people to get juicy info and leaks. That's the reason why they ban people left and right and how they sold the site at that price.
Makes sense.

Kind of funny because that model of a message board being the premier spot for leaks seems to have dissipated. As far as I know at least.

I was thinking about that the other day. How Gaf back in the day was really exciting because of the insider knowledge it contained but it was always shrouded in gate keepers.

Gaf doesn't have that insider aspect as much cause it seems to be on Twitter now, but Gaf as a whole is a much more enjoyable place because the posters here are much more grounded and willing to just engage in conversation.


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WTF did I miss, why is Hogwarts game "contentious"
JK Rowling is considered a TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) because they don't consider trans-women real women, you see how that could be controversial in current year.
There's some other bits too, but mainly that.


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That, boys and girls, is what you call a highly successful grift.

….and god bless all the Era posters claiming it won’t change the forum.

I salute your stupidity loyalty!

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LOL. For any Reee users skimming this thread, lets face it. You got had by Cerium.

"Hey gamers! Lets get away from GAF! I'll set up a new forum and I'll let you gamers and mods control the action. I'll be a hands off boss where my focus is just keeping a forum going for all of you in the goodness of my heart."

Oct 14, 2021

"Buh bye suckers. Thanks for the ginormous web traffic! I've been keeping track of it daily and scoping out acquisition bids the past year. Ciao baby!"
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This is such a wonderful thread, because it once and for all exposes how worthless and dumb Resetera members and the mods are. Just the biggest fucking marks in the goddamn history of the internet.

I don't think it's fair to label all ResetEra members as worthless as dumb. The moderators are the main issue.
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