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Nier Automata on gamepass is based on newer version, fixes Steam issues.


Well shit Squareenix, how you go and do us s like that?
At least people that are on the fence should be ok now. Play the amazing game, its def worth it.
According to initial reports, the Gamepass version does not suffer from all of the issues that plague the Steam version. In short, Square Enix has actually fixed and improved things on this latest PC version of the game. However, there is no word on whether these fixes will come to the Steam version.

In case you are wondering, here are all the issues that are currently present in the Steam version of NieR Automata:

Blurry visuals/graphics in fullscreen mode
Choppy pre-rendered cutscenes
Bloom and AO effects shimmering
60FPS lock
Bad keyboard and mouse controls
The Xbox Gamepass version offers proper fullscreen and resolution modes, resulting in a sharper image. Furthermore, it appears to be running smoother than the Steam version, and does not suffer from the choppy pre-rendered cut-scenes. However, there is still a 60fps lock (and there is no word yet on whether the K&M controls are better).

DSO Gaming article
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Ooo hope it comes to the Steam version, I didnt bother with it due to the stuttering/low performance to HW ratio.

People said to install a fan patch and I looked into it and it was a chore to get it all working and then I read "There are still stutters", riiight I'll give it a miss then. Can't be bothered trying to fix inherently broken shit these days I just wait for them to fix it or move on.
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Why are square giving the windows store of all things preferential treatment?

It's also crazy because Touhou Luna Nights also got an extended version for gamepass that isn't present for owners of the steam version.

These developers should show some respect to their existing customers.


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I bought the shitfucked pc version so lemme guess, just like with dragon quest 11, square is basically telling me to go fuck myself.
Celebrate Final Fantasy GIF by Square Enix


I'm glad they finally fixed it but it's a shame they are doing that to people that already paid for it. I bought it a few months ago after waiting for a long time to patch it. I regret supporting these practices.
I wonder if it’s truly a new port or if the better qualities are due to the GP version being UWP.

For example, Metro: Exodus on GP was different than from the standard PC store/launcher (didn’t have benchmark tool, simplified settings).

So, in this case since the Xbox version is superior to the Steam version, and the PC Game Pass version is based on the Xbox version, perhaps that’s why it’s better on Game Pass?


Review bombing on steam
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Review bombing worked :LOL:

Looks like the correct way to handle this. Wait for a month, release a 10 GB patch that actually only changes the version number at the bottom of the screen, and watch as Steam users are now happy.
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Review bombing worked :LOL:

so customers voicing their dissatisfaction through review bombing actually works. I'm shocked I tell you. can't wait for game journos to defend these million dollar corporations by shitting on gamers again.
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Thanks for bringing up bad memories.

Fuck Square Enix for getting people to buy FFXV based on the premise of being able to mod it, then informing them they were cutting mod support.

FFXV could have been a an actually enjoyable experience if SE hadn't cut mod support, but noooo.

Will never ever buy another SE game at launch. They just don't support their product.


Looks like the correct way to handle this. Wait for a month, release a 10 GB patch that actually only changes the version number at the bottom of the screen, and watch as Steam users are now happy.
Better than calling it a remaster and charging for it again.


Just don't play it while it's still installing.

Can't get past the loading screen with the questions about God.

Click continue from main menu and starts games from beginning again. Fuck


I can't believe how they'd abandoned the game all these years and now they're releasing a patch as a marketing tactic for Replicant. How bold they are!

Four Fucking Years!



E3 when they revealed a port of the PSX FFVII to the PS4 instead of FFVII Remake.

Oh ta, I was checking that video but I was looking at the part after the reveal because I thought he was actually responding to a fan shouting something like "we want a real remaster" at him after the disappointing announcement by throwing back his head and laughing :messenger_tears_of_joy:

He's doing it to the crowd reaction for "17 years ago", when talking about the legacy of FF7, which is in hindsight makes it even funnier, like he's trolling their love of the game as well as their hopes for this being a remake, excellent trolling Mr. Hashimoto.
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