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Nintendo plans to make more movies based on its games, but will go ‘one by one’


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During a Q&A session following a financial results briefing on Friday, Shigeru Miyamoto responded to a question asking if there were more movies to follow by saying that was indeed the plan.

As summarised on Twitter by Japan-based analyst and investment adviser David Gibson, Miyamoto claimed that the Super Mario movie is pretty much done and Nintendo is very positive about it.

However, he also said Nintendo is determined to meet fans’ expectations and so it will continue to work on polishing the film ahead of its release in late 2022.

Miyamoto then confirmed that Nintendo would like to make movies based on other IPs, because people should be experiencing the company’s franchise’s in a variety of ways instead of just video games.

These movies would be tackled one by one, he said, rather than having a number of them in production simultaneously.


Aw, shucks. No Avengers moment with a Captain N reboot?

Seriously though, this is the smart play. As popular as their IPs are, what makes a game good v. a movie are two very different things. More bombs from rushing into things would only hurt the brands. And, while cinematic universes are all the rage, building a bad universe is worse than leaving your properties diaconnected--see DC under Snyder or that abortive try for a "Dark Universe" with Dracula, the Mummy, etc.


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Metroid and Zelda have lots of potential if done right.

Zelda done right would be an epic stretching across several movies. Hell come to think of it Metroid would be as well.

I am looking forward to this Mario movie. I hope it does really well so we will see more Nintendo films after it.


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Perhaps they can.... modernize the live action movie, people loves it nowadays.

Kev Kev

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not gonna lie, a zelda movie, if done right, would be pretty fucking sweet

edit: ^star fox fuck yes! do it nintendo

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if they continue to work with illumination which is essentially the parent company of Dreamworks now so a Zelda movie made by the same team who made how to train your dragon would actually be pretty dope.
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Said it before. Make a series of Nintendo cinematic universe movies with Smash Bros as the “Avengers” of the series


Said it before. Make a series of Nintendo cinematic universe movies with Smash Bros as the “Avengers” of the series

They sort of did this in Smash Brawl's campaign subspace emissary. It was actually really cool but kind of wasted in what is in my opinion, by far the worst Smash game.

Any other plays on this concept, I'm in.



The #1 franchise that got ruined by trying to make it more complicated than it needed to be. This was true even before Star Fox Zero, but that game just cemented this series' place as a dump for Nintendo's experiments. At this point, all I want is a HD remake of SF64.


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they should do some furry related dating program for autistic people based on nintendo animals


Smash Bros directed by Sakurai. Seriously, all the Smash Bros trailers for switch have been great, and all done by him. Give him some time to rest his fingers too.


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A Fire Emblem anime series would be dope as fuck.
They already did that.

I don't see neither metroid or Zelda working without making profound changes to the main characters. Definitely not something I would want to see.

A better fit would be donkey Kong and Kirby. They are more flexible for that format.


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Yamauchi wanted Nintendo to go into movies, long ago. It was one of his great wishes, back when he was still with the company. They put it off for the longest time.

I guess finally they're ready to fulfill his wish.
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Nah, fuck that shit. If they want to make movies, make them in Japan. Don’t let those Pedowood executives and producers get their hands on more Nintendo properties.
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