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Nintendo Says Switch Chip Shortages Are "Largely Resolved" As It Cuts Forecasts

As part of Nintendo's nine-month financial report for the 2022/23 fiscal year, the company has said that supply issues that have constrained production for several years now were "largely resolved" in the closing months of 2022.

Commenting on Nintendo Switch sales in its explanatory materials, the company states that the global semiconductor shortage and supply chain problems that have plagued manufacturers of consumer electronics for some time now had little effect on its output between October and December last year.

For the months of October through December 2022 which encompass the holiday season, the effects of shortages of semiconductors and other components was largely resolved, and shipments generally went according to plan. However, unit sales were down compared to the same period last year, when Nintendo Switch – OLED Model was released.
The Switch uses more mature tech than Microsoft and Sony's more powerful systems, so the supply shortage arguably had less of an impact on Nintendo than its competitors in the video game space. Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles use more advanced silicon with comparatively lower yields than Switch's more mature components. However, even the supply of those consoles has been increasing in the past months, with stock now more commonly appearing on store shelves.

Strangely, everyones announcing the end of shortages and higher production. Except Microsoft.

As for the Switch, this seems to have been mostly an Asian thing since Switch was mostly easy to find everywhere else, but it looks like everyone who wants a Switch will finally be able to get one EVERYWHERE now. Switch has sold 122M as of now.


The bear of bad news
No Switch 2 until 2030.

Please understand.

You would think that would be the next logical step, but Nintendo are well known for pivoting to the unknown when it comes to hardware.

Maybe they’ll bring VR to the casuals?
Was going to say this lol. Yeah you'd think Switch 2 is happening but that's not how Nintendo works. They'll probably come out with a completely different console that no one could have imagined. It'll be some whacky ass thing with a new exciting gimmick.

They have the 3rd best selling console of all time right now. All they need to do is beef up the internals, give it exclusive games (and let people play Switch games on it), and call it Switch 2. A faster cpu, more powerful GPU with DLSS/FSR support for up scaling to 4K in docked, 8-12GB RAM, and maybe a 1080p display if they can maintain good battery life. If they stuck to 720p screen I wouldn't mind.
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Well the last two consoles were Wii and Wii U, and the Wii was a success.

Unless you mean handhelds, then they would be 3DS and DS, one decent success, and one breakout success.
Their last 2 consoles were the 3ds and Wii U. Handhelds are consoles, the Wii U was a home console. The 3ds was a big failure when it launched and it's lifetime sales were way below expectations. I don't even have to talk about the Wii U.
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