Nintendo Switch Is at the Midpoint of Its Life Cycle and Can Still Grow, Says Furukawa



Despite rumors to the contrary, you should probably avoid holding your breath on the Nintendo Switch Pro release. In a recent management Q&A, Nintendo Representative Director and President Shuntaro Furukawa wouldn't comment on the next game system, but that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. He also said the Nintendo Switch is still at the midpoint of its life cycle and has established the foundation for further growth that goes beyond the conventional console life cycle.

We are not able to comment about the next game system at this time. It is now the fifth year since the launch of Nintendo Switch, and the total hardware sell-through has exceeded 90 million units. We recognize that the system is at the mid-point of its lifecycle. The launch of Nintendo Switch – OLED Model has also been contributing to continued sales momentum and we are now offering consumers three Nintendo Switch models to match their play styles and lifestyles, as well as a wide range of software. With this, we believe a foundation for growth has been laid that exceeds what we previously considered to be a conventional hardware lifecycle. With regards to the next game system, we are considering many different things, but as far as the concept and launch timing are concerned, there is nothing we can share at this time.
In other words, there may not be a next-generation system for several years still. The Nintendo Switch launched in early 2017, which means Nintendo may strive to keep it around until 2027. Of course, there will be other revisions in the meantime, and one of them may eventually end up being slightly more powerful than the current Nintendo Switch. For brand new hardware, though, it sounds like there's a long wait ahead.



Concept? Please just keep doing Switches. Add capabilities, but don't scrap the dock / portable option. I would like to see a Switch U feature though for local co-op. I was trying to play a coop game with my son and the batteries on the controllers died. If he could have undocked the switch and still streamed the game to the TV we could have both played.


Nope. Still same ol Nintendo. They'll say there's nothing and BAM hit you with the next console out of nowhere.

You guys always fall for their deceipt.
I'm sure Nintendo's looking to put a stop to the Switch. What a disaster it has been for them.


Terrible if true. I wouldn't mind if it was their handheld and were working on their next home console but Switch is both..

It can barely handle 30fps , a pro refresh would help swallowing the pill tbh


I believe Switch has reach the PSOne sales milestone, why there's so little 3rd party support for it? I think a Switch own version of COD or Battlefield would be awesome on the little system and probably would sell well.
Japanese third party support has been improved a lot and is now very strong. But Western third party support is still lacking due to Switch's power and storage space issues, as well as the success of the PS/XB/PC ecosystem in North America and Europe.
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Not sure about America but in Europe it was. By 2005 you could even get it for €100 with a pack-in game included. In my case I got the Mario Smash Football bundle, but there were others available as well.

The WiiU got a discount for the 8GB model in 2014. €200 for a basic white WiiU with Nintendo Land and Wii Party and an added Wiimote. That was pretty good value actually, even if you didn't care for Party.


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Nope. Still same ol Nintendo. They'll say there's nothing and BAM hit you with the next console out of nowhere.

You guys always fall for their deceipt.
they literally keep saying again and again there is no switch 2 in the near the future and mofos like you keep denying it
it's actually insane to me


The toughest part for Nintendo is not for this generation, but it's already to foresee the next one.

We all remember the Wii U shipwreck. No chance of seeing a Switch U. Going from one winning generation to another is the most terrifying thing for Big N.

Ev1L AuRoN

I'm glad, consoles are so expensive and hard to find today, that it is nice to know I will have the latest console from Nintendo a while longer. The lack of power didn't bother me at all, for the type of games I play on Switch this hardware is okay.

The truth is that Nintendo don't have a way to make a Switch 2 that is considerable more powerful at 349/399 without sacrificing form factor, battery or profit, maybe even all three. It's amazing what Valve did with Steam Deck, but let's be real, it is a niche product that nobody expects to be produced in mass scale, even as it is Valve is having trouble meeting the demand, and the size of the device also won't have the same appeal as the Switch.

A new modern SOC using the latest node will make Nintendo have the same problem Sony and Microsoft are facing today, chip shortages, and ask yourself, a Switch 2 weaker than a PS4 Pro would entice you? Switch is selling well, the majority of the player base is happy with the Nintendo output and Nintendo is no doubt working hard at the next-generation, but willing to wait until the market is right to launch it.
I only buy and play first party or exclusives on the Switch, and these are usually 60 FPS or optimized 30 FPS with good frame pacing. So I am fine with the hardware really. Nintendo knows how to get the most out of it.

I guess the complaints come from people who want to play third party games or something. I don't really understand the appeal of playing something like Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch, it just wasn't made for it so why bother.
I don’t really care as long as Prime 4 actually releases on the damn thing. I’ll be livid if it gets delayed all the way to Switch 2. I don’t see them putting the effort into making it cross gen like they do with Zelda sometimes either.
At this point, I'd rather wait a bit and get a 4K/60 version of the game, if it came down to that.


And how many times have they said they have no plans for new hardware only to see it announced in months? Numerous times.
Too true. All the same, I believe them this time, if only because it makes no sense for them to undercut the OLED's sales. I wouldn't be shocked to see a Lite OLED this year, but 2023 is the very earliest we can expect a Pro/successor, and even that is starting to feel less and less likely--not because they keep insisting that Switch is still midway through it's life cycle, but just because it continues to sell. Plus, launching a new product during the current chip shortage when you don't have to would be pretty bad business sense.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Nintendo's advantage is its games that's the most important part once they have the hardware they'll put themselves in the mix with SONY and Microsoft.
Can't wait for them to ditch this absurd concept and come back to a proper handheld or home console. Will continue playing on 3DS and Wii U until then.
I understand the disappointment you have but this is an extreme position.

Why don’t you get a switch, leave it docked and buy a pro controller? I’ve never even taken my joycons out of the box.

I mean granted at this point you might as well wait for the successor. But if you collect physical games you might regret not having bought any for switch because they will be really expensive later…
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