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No Way Home: There are already rumors that [SPOILER] could return to the MCU


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There’s room for Garfield in a Miles Morales movie.

His Spider-Man had to learn a lot of lessons along the way and the reluctant mentor role would suit him.


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I don't think he's been mentioned yet in the MCU movies but that doesn't mean he never existed in that universe.

Osbourne confirms the corp is not where he expects it to be but as a new arrival in that universe he's not really an authority to claim Oscorp doesn't exist in any form in the MCU.

Can you please for the love of god stop talking about this film like you've seen it.


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So basically:

Spider-Man 4 - Tobey

Amazing Spider-Man 3 - Andrew

Spectacular Spider-Man - Tom?
Quoting you again because it looks like Marvel has gave them MCU names.
Tobey is
Andrew is
and Tom is

I would swap them around for Tom & Tobey though 🤔

So, considering Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro and debatably Sandman are transported to Hollands reality at the time of their death, with the lizard being transported before lizards death, though not Dr. Connors, I wonder if it's supposed to be implied that our Spider-men were also brought over just before their deaths.
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