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Non-gaming things (foods, media, music, whatever) you associate with specific games...


I just decided to download Scrubs again and give it a watch. Why? Because I associate it with a simpler time (to paraphrase ssethtzeentach). I've been thinking that some of its jokes might not go down so well these days and that got me thinking about it in general, and yes, I felt like some of this particularly unproductive type of nostalgia.

Anyway, not long after replaying it I heard the theme tune (I'm no superman--) and I instantly remembered that this show was the endlessly replayed background media to years of Vanilla WoW addiction. Arathi Highlands? Check. EPL? Check. Anywhere else? Check. Raids? Check. All of this in the early am? Check.

I'm pretty sure The Shins also fall into this association. Not to mention short lived "Sprite On Fire" Sprite variety and tubs of raw cookie dough Ben and Jerry's (oh youthful metabolism) with root beer. Also Outback Steakhouse.

Anyway, that's my little story, you guys got any similar things that?


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I associate my love making with sonic the hedgehog. You speed through the level. And at the end your like that's it? All the r&b songs hype up sex for years and then when I loose my virginity I'm like eh. I had a better time crying over mufasa in lion king.

So now I avoid Sonic the hedgehog.
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Some music reminds me of the game I was playing when I would listen to them a lot. The music of Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter and The War on Drugs both remind me of STALKER. The pianoforte version of Never Gonna Give You Up reminds me of the Desolation of Mordor expansion for Shadow of War.


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Whenever I hear She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult, I think of Dave Kiera’s Freestyle BMX 2.
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As soon as you boot up Crazy Taxi - YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!

When you do well in Crazy Taxi - Which by this point im god level at acing the game

And the absolutely infinite Need for Speed Hot Pursuit:
The number of hours I played Final Fantasy 7 and listened to Odelay by Beck must be over 100. Inextricably linked for me now.
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