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Nvidia bringing DLSS to Linux


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We currently had many threads of inferior tech to DLSS, which is now even out, but thankfully Nvidia yet again bringing (actual) heat, to the gaming market across the platforms, not just promises and disappointments.

Linux gamers using Valve’s Proton compatibility tool to run Windows games will be getting a performance upgrade in the future: Nvidia has announced that it’s working with Valve to bring FPS boosts using its DLSS technology featured on its RTX cards. It’s almost enough to make me want to revisit Linux gaming.

The tech will, of course, be exciting for people with Linux gaming computers, but it’s also interesting considering the rumors of Valve creating a handheld gaming device. We argued that DLSS could make the next-gen Switch hit way above its weight-class, and the same would be true for a handheld PC without a ton of graphics horsepower, which would likely be running Linux.

Definitely meaningful addition from GPU market leader.


This is great, I hope it helps bolster Linux gaming. The one reason I cannot make a full switch to Linux for my entire life is basically games.
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