[NxGamer] Spider-Man Remastered PC vs PS5 vs Steam Deck vs PS4 vs 750Ti - Technical Review & Comparison


A year from now we will hear that PS5 secret sauce pixie dust based optimization will make it run as fast as a 4090.

It's all about developers not putting as much time and funding with their PC ports as they do with the console counterpart. Even nixxes one of the best in business and now owned by Sony will have to continue patching this game to leave it in a decent state.

Decent state: mainstream, low-end configs getting the fps they should.
Interesting. RAM bandwidth is way higher than the 6600xt too so a way better comparison.

Yes, that would be perfect for comparisons especially with Miles and Uncharted now releasing on PC. Both have unlocked framerates on the PS5 so a 1:1 comparison can be done without vysnc muddying waters.
Apparently naughtydog on the fidelity mode left ir uncapped only up to 60 instead of 120 Luke every other vrr fidelity mode i think it’s an oversight and we need to inform them to fix this. If your wondering it hits 60 quite often in the unlocked fidelity mode so I suspect at peak it could go slightly higher to say 65-70 if it was uncapped up to 120 but naughtydog needs to fix the framecap


how the fuck are you still arguing this bullshit?
the game CLEARLY didn't use the VRAM pool optinally which lead to bad performance. there's VERY STRONG evidence for this, and you are still here with this shit trying to argue against clear evidence.
Watch this and tell me if you think VRAM is an issue?


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Watch this and tell me if you think VRAM is an issue?

it clearly is in Spiderman... as proven by benchmarks that show that slower cards with more VRAM beat faster cards with less VRAM.
usually VRAM isn't an issue, but it becomes one when the game constantly tries to load and unload shit onto your card and isn't utilizing the full VRAM pool.

the issue in Spiderman also since has been patched apparently, at least the patch notes said they did
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