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Obscure Gamers has released 75 Saturn protos, including Virtua Fighter 2 30%



Earlier this year we held a group buy for 78 discs. 75 ended up being SEGA Saturn, 3 were PS1 & lastly we had a lone XBOX disc.

We had over 40 donators, in what was our largest funding effort to date. We seriously couldn't have done it without all your help!

Due to size of the list of donators, we'll leave a link to our wiki. If you want your name on the list changed please let us know, or if we missed anybody.

Sadly, some of these discs were beaten badly in their former life which wasn't at fault of this seller. Some had holes, some had bitrot. Thankfully it wasn't any major discs. Only a Golf game which still sucks but better than the likes of VF2.

All have been dumped with a Plextor PX-W4012TA which was kindly donated too by Merlin, If a bad disc/C2 errors it's been dumped with CloneCD via tha same drive.

The most exciting build appears to be the Virtua Fighter 2 30% Build which has model changes.

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