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October has an insane amount of games!

How many are buying or playing?

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I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Zero, I got game pass.

Would like to play mw2 though but ain't buying another sbmm cod
Saudi Prince all day…I’ve decided not to pay my bills this month, F$&k you electric, gas, water, mortgage, car, insurance, cell phone, ramen noodles!
Edit - JK, I might have enough left over after paying my bills for Star Ocean, we shall see lol.
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Live from NeoGAF, it's Friday Night!
My only real planned purchase was this one. The Steam Next demo charmed my pants off.

Also this one which just released, gonna grab it too. Spelunky style roguelike that's clearly starring Guru Larry & Jucika as a married couple.

Wasn't there a pixel game supposed to come out in October? The one you made a thread for recently.

Can't remember the name.

Edit: "9 Years Of Shadow" it was. Was listed for October the 10th at first but is now Q4.

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Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection
Star Ocean: The Divine Force
Triangle Strategy

Those games have a PC release in October, and I have already purchased them all.


Probably just Scorn and MAYBE Gotham Knights if it's gonna be reviewed well.

But that's because these are the only games that I'm interested in enough to buy them day 1. I'm filthy rich and could buy every single one of those titles.

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It's a month of releases that would probably sit on my backlog and I'd never get around to them. Like No more Heroes, Bayo, Plague Tale, Star Ocean . . .


Hmm depends on the games you like I suppose. Not being into multiplayer games, and being console only (ps5/seriesX), the only ones that catch my eye are:

Scorn (gamespass)
Plague tale (ps5)
Eternal Cylinder (ps5)

not a 'bad' month I guess, but not 'great', basically one big game and 2 weird 'look interesting' smaller games.

In theory id be interested in Gotham knights, but it just looks terrible...looks like a sad fall from grace for the Arkham games, really not sure what happened there.
So many releases this month and still my wallet is safe. Either (a) I'm just not interested or (b) I'm not interested enough to pay full price and I'll wait for the inevitable sales a month from now or Black Friday.


Mario and rabbids and Gotham knights potentially. Probabky wait for sale on both.

In middle of valkryie elysium, CoD cold War campaign, and tmnt bundle
Scorn off of that list, none of the other titles really spark my interest.
Which is good cause I'm busy sinking a million hours on Pathfinder 2 finally.


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I'll only be getting one of these at launch = A Plague Tale: Requiem.
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  • Scorn
  • Star Ocean Divine Force
  • Signalis
  • Mount and Blade II Bannerlord 1.0 release
  • Bayonetta 3
  • A Plague Tale Requiem (Maybe, gotta see more gameplay first)
Not counting Overwatch since it's free and I had bought it in 2016. Just coming back to it see what's new.

Definitely buying Persona 5 Royal for Switch. Other than that...maybe Nier Automata for Switch. Not interested in anything else.

Both P5R and Nier Automata are games I already bought on PS4. So for me there's really nothing new this month. Just games I've already played on another platform and a game with a big update.
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Nothing for me lol, I may play A Plague Tale Requiem later tho lol

Oh yeah, also Resident Evil Village in 3rd person
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None. Some of those I have played already and others do not interest me.

Roll on November for GOW:R!
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