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October has an insane amount of games!

How many are buying or playing?

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Cultic, The Case of the Golden Idol, Her Name Was Fire, and Asterigos will do me! All the other releases will be budget buys some other time (sorry Gotham Knights). I reckon Scorn will be great but very much a one-and-done game (perhaps even on the shorter side?) and I think a lot of people don't realize that most of it is just walking and solving puzzles. I mean it looks right up my alley and I definitely want to play it but at the same time, aside from the art style, it looks like so many other walking sims I've played in recent years.

I was hyped for MW2 but after playing the beta and witnessing the awful movement and even worse performance I'll be giving it pass. That plus Shatterline will tide me over just fine until the next CoD arrives, whenever that is.

Other then that... I'll probably end up buying 15 more indies that suddenly come out lol.
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The graphics for modern warfare 2 on next gen consoles havnt improved since 2019 despite being on next gen ...that's a problem and has kinda rocked my confidence on the campaigns visuals. I was expecting this game to look amazing, which I'm sure it will on a 3080 by sheer brute force. Doesn't seem like devs are even trying to get the most out of next gen consoles. There's no excuse for this to look the same as mw 2019 did on my xb1x


-plague tale requiem
-sparks of hope (big maybe)
-mw2 (only if campaign is at least 8 hours and great)
-bayonetta 3 (definitely buying)
Man, I’m just going to hold out until the MW2 campaign hits Game Pass. Maybe that will happen when the deal closes, maybe a year after that, but I’m not in a rush, it will come eventually. Good call on Bayonetta 3.


Nier Automata, Persona 5 Royal and Bayonetta 3 for sure. Also waiting for Bayonetta physical and CE content for Xenoblade 3 to arrive on the webshop, damn Nintendo.

Also got Diofield Chronicle and Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris which releases in the last week of september. Busy times.
Hey all, this game comes out in 2023 but they are hosting a Technical Alpha this month for those to try out. It's a SPY FPS. Here's a trailer

Here's the Alpha sign-up form for a key

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