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One Piece: Odissey | Review Thread


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Game Information​

Game Title: One Piece Odyssey
  • Xbox Series X/S (Jan 13, 2023)
  • PlayStation 5 (Jan 13, 2023)
  • PlayStation 4 (Jan 13, 2023)
  • PC (Jan 12, 2023)
Developer: ILCA

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 79 average - 86% recommended - 14 reviews

MetaCritic - 75/100 - 14 reviews

Critic Reviews​

Boomstick Gaming - Buy
Video Review - Quote not available
Cerealkillerz - Nick Erlenhof - German - 8.5 / 10
One Piece Odyssey finally brings fans of the original a well-deserved implementation. The battle system works great, the story combines new things with nostalgic emotions, and the graphics are also very pleasing. Only a few minor flaws hold it back, but anyone who can relate to the straws should play it.
Checkpoint Gaming - Charlie Kelly - 8 / 10
Fans are in good hands with One Piece: Odyssey. In fact, more anime games should be following in strides made here. On offer is a wonderful adventure that feels like a theme park visit to the series lands, old and new. Characters shine and bounce off each other well both in and out of cutscenes as colourfully as they should. Some areas need better story pacing and quality of life improvements such as better checkpointing and save states, and going more all-in on different story timelines would've also gone a long way. And it's testing to see manga artist Eiichiro Oda's troublesome female character design. However, it's a blast of an RPG. Flaws are more than made up for in a thoroughly enjoyable anime affair along with an unexpected and very welcome spin on the known turn-based RPG formula. Smooth sailing lies ahead with One Piece: Odyssey.
DASHGAMER.com - Dan Rizzo - 9 / 10
Pique adaptation with original writing that consolidates everything we know and love of One Piece, converging it with the best elements of a Persona or Dragon Quest, then making it its own experience is simply fantastic. Prepare yourself because One Piece Odyssey has already primed itself as one of the greatest JRPG’s you’ll ever experience.
Digitally Downloaded - Matt Sainsbury - 4 / 5
Quote not yet available
GGRecon - Daniel Hollis - 8 / 10
Whether Bandai Namco decides to continue this venture down the JRPG route remains to be seen, but it would be a shame to abandon the solid foundations found in One Piece Odyssey, which has set 2023 off to an incredible start with its high production values, beautiful world, intuitive combat, and wonderful celebration of one of the best mangas to ever be created.
Gamepur - Dave Rodriguez - 6 / 10
One Piece Odyssey is a slice of fan service that is easy to recommend for die-hard fans. As a game detached from its brand, it doesn’t bring anything new or exciting to turn-based combat. From the story's perspective, the plot was straightforward to predict and quickly left my mind as soon as it entered.
MondoXbox - Andrea Giuliani - Italian - 8 / 100
One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based JRPG that mixes a classic formula with some new elements. While not a masterpiece, it offers a nice breath of fresh air for licensed anime games. Unfortunately, narrative pacing and an inconsistent technical department make for a diluted and boring experience, but it remains recommended to both fans of the saga and JRPG fans in general.
PSX Brasil - Paulo Roberto Montanaro - Portuguese - 75 / 100
One Piece Odyssey offers some of the franchise's most iconic moments, without appealing to mindless nostalgia and moving the plot forward. With solid and traditional combat and exploration systems, it lacks in the narrative unnecessarily and in the limited level design, but the balance is still very positive, especially if you are a fan of the Straw Hat Pirates.
Push Square - Liam Croft - 8 / 10
No matter whether you're a hardcore One Piece fan or a complete newcomer, One Piece Odyssey is an utter joy of a JRPG. Its combat system remains incredibly enjoyable throughout, and new mechanics provide depth and strategy in droves. Most certainly the highlight of the experience, but with fun exploration to boot, you're always assured of a good time. One Piece Odyssey plays a lot like Dragon Quest XI, and it's not that far off being just as good as it.
Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 8 / 10
One Piece Odyssey is a solid JRPG and not just a game made to grab the anime fan's attention, you being a One Piece would only make this great game better
TrueGaming - Arabic - 8 / 10
Luffy and his friends are back with a fun RPG game in which we go through our memories of the anime while enjoying a new adventure that represents the Straw Hat Pirates well.
Twinfinite - Keenan McCall - 4 / 5
Quote not yet available
WhatIfGaming - Alec Padua - 8 / 10
One Piece Odyssey is a great JRPG with plenty of twists on the genre's tropes to engage new and veteran players alike. The presentation, voice acting, and score combine to create an authentic One Piece experience that can serve as an introduction to anyone curious about the franchise and an expansion for fans as well. The combat is fast and dynamic, and the "Dramatic Scene" mechanic keeps things fresh in almost every encounter. While some aspects are a bit unrewarding, and exploration can be stiff, the constant sense of wonder makes this the best One Piece game yet.
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I want to get it really bad, but the beginning of this year is just too stacked….publishers need to learn there’s like 9 other months in the year.


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Better than I expected based on the demo.
I guess some of the stuff I didn't like was more due to it being the intro/tutorial sequence than anything. A couple of these reviews mention good exploration so I imagine the levels open up a bit later on.

Might pick this up once it's cheaper, hopefully they improve the performance mode by then as there's no reason why it should be so low res.


Looks really good, 75+ for a game like this is better than I expected. Usually, these games are treated as shovelware. I actually jumped on the One Piece anime train last month. I'm certainly gonna get this at some point.


why do the thread titles for this game keep misspelling Odyssey?
Op even posted pictures with the correct name and everything, gotta go fast to get them threads up :p

More on topic though, I'm actually surprised it got good reviews, I was expecting a 6/10 licensed jrpg, not played the demo, but I have it preordered.

A little more optimistic now. :)
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Reviews look rather nice for an anime game.

Will eventually get it, down the road.

Early 2023 is really difficult to decide which games to get. It's too packed with heavy hitters.



I finished One Piece Odyssey 100% and genuinely really really enjoyed myself, I might actually check out the anime soon, one piece stampede is on Netflix, is it worth watching if I've never watched the anime?

My only complaints are:
Sometimes it forces you along a linear path, where it won't let you explore/fast travel/do other stuff.
Thankfully this only really happens early on throughout the game.

& The 99 Yaya cubes, it should tell you how many you're missing in each area, this was the last side quest I needed to finish for my 1000gs.

I hope the future dlc adds new memoria areas as I'd happily buy the season pass if it adds new areas to explore & new stories etc.

I think the game looks and plays great too, I did have my combat on 2x speed though, as voice lines/animations take a while especially after watching them numerous times.

Anyway I'm going to play Monster Hunter Rise now :)
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Been waiting for a sale. Thought Anime week would save me a few dollars. Just wrapped up the first 61 episodes on Netflix. Good stuff. Looks like the anime is leaving on 2/11 in the states.
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