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Our dearest Gromph has passed away


Those long posts don't cover that red neck boy
A legend amoung legends. He found the Way to the SysOp.

He has now done the next impossible migration, and is moving God's servers as we speak, so NeoGAF will be in the clouds.



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I did not know of Gromph, but he meant a lot to you and the long term success of Neogaf and that is something to respect, appreciate, and cherish.

May his gifts continue to make Neogaf and it's members flourish.


Damn that sucks, condolences for the loss. RIP, Raul.

As an aside, I just love the name Gromph. It‘s just very gratifying to say.

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For one to never abandon-ship or friends in times of need because of outspoken hate by others shows all the character I need to know.

Hope you find peace where ever the soul now roams.


Rest in peace Gromph Gromph , my condolences to his family and loved ones.

Hope any of the staff that knew him are okay....

You'll all be in my thoughts throughout the day.
Sad news, I'm really sorry to hear about the tragic loss.
Gromph Gromph went into eternal maintenance mode, may he rest in peace.

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
Thanks for keeping this place running Gromph Gromph .
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Kenneth Haight

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I didn’t know them but they sounded like a good person. I work in IT and know the background work that goes on to keep websites/apps running and secure. Sorry for the sites and families loss at this sad time EviLore EviLore Gromph Gromph
That's so sad. Another vital member of GAF passes away. Makes me think about all the ones we don't know about.

We were lucky to have him help keep this awesome site running for years. We'll remember you, Raúl. RIP
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