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Our dearest Gromph has passed away


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Damn... that's awful to hear and so sudden... Rest in peace, Gromph, and thanks for all of your contributions and hard work.
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Didn't know him but he sounds like a great person and it seems like everyone who enjoys this site has a lot to thank him for.
Hope he is in a better place now


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I didnt now who Gromph was before this post. Checking his history, he didn't post a lot so that's why I didn't recognize his user name.

Never the less, we're all connected on this forum as users, viewers or builders.

RIP Gromph and take care up there.
Thank you for your ethereal coding / web skills.

I privately chatted with Gromph Gromph about living in Japan.... going to miss him.

I wish I could find it, the thread about moving the server has some great Gromph Gromph moments :lollipop_crying:
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