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Passive income


We rent out two houses and we're about to buy a third off someone. We're not interested in AirBNB since it's too fickle. If you look/vet for tenants yourself instead of relying on an agency, then you shouldn't get bad tenants. Agencies don't give a fuck. You have to read them and not sign the first person showing you deposit money. A colleague who also rents properties is always complaining about his tenants and he told me that he e-signs rental agreements without ever meeting them. Well buddy, I found your first problem.

We exclusively sign with families and as long as the adults can speak in a formal fashion, the odds are in your favor that they'll be good tenants. My husband does the physical meetings, credit applications, and collect and I maintain communication/repair after they sign. It's a good balance. It can be scary though. I no longer do physical meetings after I was followed once. And when we purchased a property, the previous tenants refused to move and we had to de-escalate. We already agreed that if my husband feels in danger again, we're hiring a rental manager.

The best advice I can give is to stay away from rental assistance programs. A few of them spawned after COVID and dear lord, it's like the people who made these programs thinks every landlord is a mega investment firm with endless cash (which is very real mind you). One of our renters asked us to register for one and the program will pay us for them. After research, if we joined the program, then the tenants have 6 months to look for a new place without paying rent. 6 months of mortgage, taxes, and insurance payments without seeing a dime. That would sink us hard. We're their landlords, not parents.

Overall, it's been successful and we're buying a new property where my sister lives and we're going to rent it out to her for dirt cheap until they get married and are able to buy a house of their own, then we'll rent out the property for a fair price. I am glad that I went through the rental experience in my early 20's with stress of not affording rent. It's definitely why we have a great relationship with our tenants because we get it. On top of that, I also know when people are bullshitting us.

The most important detail is too put a lot of effort in finding tenants. Cutting corners in that process will have its consequences.
Just out of curiosity do any of you rent out places without owning a primary residence? Since San Francisco Bay Area housing is so fucking expensive my wife and I are thinking about buying a place to rent out in a much cheaper area with no state income tax like WA, TX, NV or FL. I’m just hoping we don’t get reamed on taxes by doing so instead of prioritizing buying a place of our own to live in first…I mean we make enough money to have afforded a place to buy in LA before we had to move up here for work but the prices and small ass sizes up here in SF just don’t see worth it to me considering a place half the size of what we owned in LA is double the cost up here.
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Yup you are I can tell by your personality. You are a shit who has tried to rip people off because you’ve been ripped off.
LOL, how does that work when I rent to someone I know for below market rate during a housing crisis?

Fuck outta here, you jealous bellend. hahaha!


I have a pocket of dividend stocks outside my other investments that bring me around $400 per month US for doing nothing. It is my fun money but I normally just invest it in to my index fund account. That way it is liquid and normally growing.....not so much the past few months. Probably why I finally just bought my PS5 - seems a better investment lately 👍


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I pay for tshirt designs ($5-10), post them for sale on redbubble, and other print on demand sites, generates about $100-150 a month. Other than purchasing the design and uploading it to the sites, it's pretty much passive.


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I pay for tshirt designs ($5-10), post them for sale on redbubble, and other print on demand sites, generates about $100-150 a month. Other than purchasing the design and uploading it to the sites, it's pretty much passive.
care to share some of your favs ?
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