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PAX West And PAX Australia Combine For A Digital Event: PAX Online, September 12-20

The Penny Arcade Expo is a destination for gamers of all types each year, with its many conventions such as PAX West, PAX East, Aus, South, and Unplugged.

With COVID-19's unflinching presence in 2020, many large conventions and events have been moved to the online stage instead of a physical one. Today, PAX announced that PAX West (previously known as PAX Prime) and PAX Aus would be combining for a 9-day digital event in September.

Mark your calendars for PAX Online, September 12-20! In stark contrast to the standard events, getting badges for this will be cheap and easy - free, in fact! Everyone is welcome.

You can expect to see many of the things you often find at PAX in-person - an all-star selection of indie titles, tournaments, panels, game demos, and game announcements and reveals. Obviously, a lot of the community stuff that makes PAX incredible each year can't be emulated online, but we'll see what happens!

You can find out more about PAX Online at the official site here.


I'm surprised this thread isn't getting much traction? Usually years where consoles are released, that year's PAX is extremely packed. I've been going to PAX West every year since 07' so the crazy anticipation of getting badges at the end of June is still there. I'm kind of interested in "a project that will let you download and demo games from the comfort of your home!" I't will also be nice to see more panels, or the ability to stream them later, if they're all recorded. However, no PAX or E3 this year is saddening. Might have to plan a couple of PAX parties to watch some content this year.
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