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[PC Gamer] Biggest disappointments of not-E3: Starfield is just ugly No Man's Sky


From PC Gamer,

Fraser Brown, Online Editor: Bethesda has been so vague when it comes to Starfield that I had no expectations for its reveal at not-E3 this year, and yet it still somehow managed to be a massively disappointing showcase. At least we actually know what Starfield is now: it's ugly No Man's Sky.

With every single revelation, it just got closer and closer to Hello Games' big cosmic sandbox, but with an aesthetic that's impenetrably dull and gloomy. You can craft! You can build! You can explore! Yes, it is indeed a modern videogame. One of the first things our unknown space explorer does when they land on one of Starfield's Mass Effect-looking worlds is laser off some resources from a rock. Then it's time for an unconvincing shootout. After keeping it under wraps for so long, I'd expected at least one surprise—but nope!


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Starfield looks ok visually, I wouldn't say it's anything special but it's more ambitious than the average game.

But based on the various comparison videos I've seen on YT, there are definitely some similarities - no that it's a bad thing.


What were people expecting from it? It's a Bethesda RPG with a space skin. Everyone should have known what to expect. What we saw was very little too. The game is going to be huge with tons of characters and side quests. Hopefully there'll be lots of different choices with different outcomes.
And a Bethesda rpg plays NOTHING like no man's sky. So we all recognize the comparison is silly, but here we all are continuing to talk about it. Ign and pc gamer have done their job
"25 Years in the making"

EDIT:This is why you need to nail a reveal...with gameplay. If not; speculations and expectations will run wild.
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i wonder how different the reception would be if it wasn't xbox exclusive :messenger_tears_of_joy: plenty of people enjoyed Skyrim/Fallout 4 but now fuck Bethesda apparently lol

i bet when this launches Bethesda will be hounded for bugs/performance issues. usually they get a pass but Starfield will be compared to Cyberpunk. mark my words.
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I wouldn’t say ugly but the color palette does seem dull at times.

What I will say though is that it’s still too early for me to think that this is all Starfield will bring to the table. If there’s one thing I’m confident on the game is that Bethesda has perfected the explore-fight-loot style gameplay so I’m still on board.
Ugly is definitely the clickbait word and i think PC Gamer knows it. I think they just don't like the nasa-punk style.

I don't mind visually dull worlds but hopefully there is some visual interesting worlds as well to explore.


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