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PC, Switch, XboxSX, PS5 - Which do you own?

How many of these do you own?

  • Switch

    Votes: 210 42.2%
  • PC

    Votes: 231 46.4%
  • Xbox SX/SS

    Votes: 127 25.5%
  • PS5

    Votes: 235 47.2%
  • All of them

    Votes: 129 25.9%

  • Total voters


Oled Switch and Steam Deck which I don't use.
I have just a small bunch of games for my Switch which I cycle through and that's enough for me


If you consider a kickass gaming laptop in the PC category, I literally have one of everything under my roof (including an Xbox Series X AND S).

And SEVERAL Switches.
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In order of use: PS5/Switch/PC. Also have a One X but it's been unplugged for about 2 years now lol. I'm still keeping it for a few BC titles.
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PC, Switch, PS5.

I was set on picking up an XSX but ending up getting a new GPU instead and an HDMI splitter for couch PC Gamepass.


PS5, Series S, got a Switch for a sibling who never uses it so I have that available always, built PCs since my youth but don't have an up to date one right now


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I have a Series X, a PS5, and a Switch Lite. Technically own a PC, but it's a super basic laptop that's mostly just used as a browser and word processor.


PC and Switch

Don't really need a console because of PC though there are some exclusives I'm still praying come to PC. If they don't, I can still manage. Can't remember the last time I turned on my Switch though. Maybe '21? I'll turn it on one of these days!


Switch, which I haven't played for several years. I just bought Metroid Dread couple months ago, and that is still wrapped.

No reason to own xbox because all of that is on pc.
Switch, favorite system, I buy most games for it.
Series X, multiplat and big game secondary system.
Series S, bedroom system on a 1080p tv.
PS5, mostly exclusives platform and PS4 bc system.
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All, but only really use my PC and PS5.

Switch gets used once a year or so.

XSX is basically a backward compatible machine for me these days. Last modern game I got for it was Rogue Legacy 2, and that’s just because it isn’t on PS5.


Not a very effective poll.

You need to have the combinations not just single consoles.

Came to mind about 3 posts in but, eh, someone will make a future thread polling properly

Well, it's still effective since I just really wanted to know how many had all the major gaming systems
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I own them all. I've been gaming since it all began, and have owned or still own most all systems since.

I kinda go through phases on what I tend to game on. Right now I'm on a major PC kick, mainly due to the Steam Deck.


All consoles and a 4090 PC.
There is no other way when everyone play the exclusivity card whenever they can, makes the hobby expensive but at least there is no anger present when a new game is announced since I already know I’ll be able to play it no matter what.


aka IMurRIVAL69

Latter two barely ever get used, especially now I grabbed a Steam Deck. Just no point selling them because I know I'm gonna wanna play exclusives day one whenever they show up.

Exactly this. I don’t think I have used my ps5 or switch in 2023 at all. Switch emulation is way better than playing native switch games now.


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PS5/Switch/Series S
My Switch is primarily used to play Splatoon and Mon Hun with friends.

I’m finally able to catch up on my immense backlog on my PS5 with my new job. Currently playing HFW. Elden Ring is next.

I haven’t touched my series s since I bought it to help someone in a pinch. At least I’ll have it when the exclusives drop on it I want to play.


PS5, Switch Oled and Series S for my kids. I’m mainly on the PS5. Switch collects dust until I’m bored of Sony. Was all in on MS but sold my Series X. Wasn’t enough there to keep me invested.


XSX and PS5, I always try to get a Sony&MS combo. MS got lucky this time because BC was a huge factor. Didn’t want to lose access to many 360-era games and Sony killed PS3 BC support.
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Ps5 and Switch.
I also have a laptop with a 1050ti which can't run never stuff but still works well for older titles and most indies.
PS5, Xbox Series S and X, Switch, Gaming PC, Steam Deck. I buy consoles for the exclusives, and if the PC port is garbage then i'll also get the game for consoles.

Alan Wake

Switch, Xbox Series X, PS5. I mostly use my Series X, thanks to Game Pass, but my goal every year is to use my other consoles more. There is still a few games to discover on Switch, and I should use my PS5 more.
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