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People would still complain if games weren't cross-gen.


Sony knows that the trend right now with hardcore gamers is 60fps. Many developers know that people would prefer a Metal Gear Solid 1-looking game at 4K/60fps than a hyper-realistic game at 30fps maybe at 1080p-1440p.
What? I prefer a real upgrade in graphics and 30fps than the same as always but at 60fps. And the fact Sony showed Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank and Horizon FW in 30fps tell to us what they think is important from a marketing point of view.


The game industry is a strange case.

They spend ten years building up a 100 million-strong userbase and then tell them to fuck off and start from scratch.

My hope is that power/graphics reach the point where next generations aren't needed (At least for a very long time). This way they don't need to keep ditching their market every seven years.


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I have never understood this logic. What is "everything else" you play on the Xbox for?
Seriously. Most major releases don't make it to Gamepass (Yes, I'm aware that Battlefield 6 will be there, but that's just an exception to the general rule).
The differences in graphics between the two new generation consoles are minimal.
I understand the position on the PC. Everything is obvious there. Better graphics. More frames. But, with xbox, I don't understand this at all.

In all honesty its mainly because I prefer the controllers I have for Xbox vs the new Dualsense.

Plus even though I am a Sony fan first because of their exclusives lately I am just preferring Xbox platform.


Keep releasing cross-gen on PS5 and XSX at 60fps and then when the true current gen games come out at 30 fps, give us a mid-gen refresh that boosts those bishes back up to 60 to hook us on an upgrade. Genius.


A lot of gamers are like the comic book guy from The Simpsons and companies know this.

Pretty much. Gamers exaggerate a shitload. Don't get me started on the classic "Call of Duty youtube views BOMED with DISLIKES, its OVER FOR CALL OF DUTY BROZ" and then be like "IT ONLY MOVED 19 MILLION UNITS, THE SERIES IS ON ITS LAST LEGS, GAME OVER" lol
Yes. People would still complain, but it would be a different, lower form of "people" complaining...and their impoverished, peasant cries for support of 8 year old hardware would produce the most delicious of tears.
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