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Phil Spencer says game companies must ‘turn away from dividing players and creators’




The typical reactions to this on retardEra are hilarious. Even other members there are saying the outrage is stupid lol.
i think game companies should just focus on actually making good games with great innovative gameplay and actually release some games maybe but thats just my opinion
Everyone coming up short then of innovation. Outside of a few indies everyone is so creatively risk adverse right now. It sucks
I'm a big supporter of Spencer, but a simple "Thank you" would have sufficed. What's all this good-guy, save-the-day, joy, happiness and splendor bullshit? Just say your thanks, speak some honest words of encouragement, support developers, stfu and move on. I don't get it! I really don't!

Joy? Joy? Game designers/developers make games because they think their ideas are cool, and they want to share them with the world. Most artists make art for themselves, first. And when it's from the heart (and is of good quality), it's generally well-received by the masses. The only artists that might be exempt from this, are the cut-paste, cookie-cutter artistes in the music industry. For the owners, CEOs and the suits; it's almost always derived from profit-driven decision making. I know that's not always the case, as a few big boys in the industry are true gamers (including Spencer), but give me a break Phil.

Just make great games; simple. Great games are a joy to play.


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“Our creators who bravely and intentionally release their visions to the world, particularly in the current culture of criticism and cancellation. "

The Era thread on this is going as you'd expect.

Yeah, but its so strange given that both sides in the culture war routinely use such tactics!

The denial really is next level.


Gaming was at its peak during the Sega/Nintendo console wars! It was fun and exciting. Now this hack wants us to unite?! Put up or shut up Phil. Release every Xbox exclusive (ha ha ha exclusive on Xbox) onto the PS5. Stop sacking all those people who lost there jobs even though you’re willing to spend over 60 billion dollars DIVIDING gamers buying a company all to prep up your fucking subscription service.
Phil, you’re ruining gaming and you’re dragging Xbox further down. Xbox was at its peak in the 360 era. Let’s head back in that direction.


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I'm lost guys. What studios are dividing players and who's doing the cancelling? What is he really saying here?

I think he's just referencing the current zeitgeist. Where every aspect of culture seems to be polarized and super-judgemental ideologically.

It needs to be accepted that stuff like review bombing is a facet of criticism and cancelling. Its done to try and hurt a thing the people doing the downvoting are pissed off about, its really no different from all the hubbub around Hogwart's because they have a bone-to-pick with JK Rowling.


I like Phil, he is a likable guy.
& We had a great time playing vermintide 2 together 💪

I don't get why his mere existence triggers warriors though, I tend to ignore things/people I don't like.

He has turned Xbox around, and Xbox is seen quite favourably even with more casual gamers now, where as before it was everyone repeating the same Xbox one reveal info, what got around like wildfire.

Hopefully he can get a team together to make a new killer instinct in the future though.


“We turn away from dividing players and creators, and instead towards each other, as we advance and amplify joy together. This is the echo effect of gaming joy.”
Yes, many PlayStation players don't want MS to divide them from the CoD, Doom, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Starfield or Crash etc. creators. :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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I wonder how many people in here who are suddenly pro-cancel culture now that someone they don’t like decried it were in the LRG thread.
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