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Pics that make you laugh |OT8| Now with 69% more Imgur

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First things first, here are some rules because why the fuck not:
Can't see them because you're on black theme? That means you are allowed to break them.

Hello, friends! Welcome to the Pics that make you laugh |OT8|

My name is Fox McBrushington and I'll be your host tonight :-3

If you want to take a tumble down the memery lane, take a look at these revious threads:
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These people are the most awesome and you'll do well to laugh at their posts:

Here's some Post of the Thread nominees from |OT7|:



can someone hold onto my santa hat till next year, don't think i'm supposed to still have it on

i feel like this thread is already missing something
ah found it


get some go again
Übermatik;193236432 said:
Here's the deal: I'll make it if you're all happy with that, but it might be tomorrow by the time it's ready. So take it easy on this page and hold off for now.

This is, of course, unless one of you has a real urge to make the thread/has one ready already. But if not I'll get started tonight.

*EDIT* That doge/polar bear pic is the best thing in ages.

there's more doge pics.


Was expecting at least some old PotT nominee in OT.

Counted 13, 12 of which are the same.

Pics that make you disappoint.


If y'all complainers got any actual proper text and/or images to add to the OP then by all means share them with me. Heck we can even ask a mod to change the title. No need to be mean.

I mean, Über, where's that banner I asked you to make an hour ago?
Oh? You got stuck on a drying rack? Well I guess no banner for a couple of days

Also Panda, stop being cute and all woman-ey and get to work brainstorming some ideas!

Oh? What is that? You're busy being a sexy gymnast?

Well look guys. At least I tried.


Thanos acquires the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet in The Avengers: Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.
Off to a creepy start


fuuuuuuck wasn't i already caught in a duel with DD last time ?

EDIT : ok I checked and no. Also I'm laughing at clydefrog now
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