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poor bam margera 😢
I don't know if this is an insult or not, but I like pineapple on top of a pizza and I like posting doggers. Only a couple more pages until OT9 and I can post them again :-3

an Insult ?
FYI, i LOOOOOVE pineapple on pizza, but i know how many gaffers cringe at the mere thought of it, and well, if you don't post big 'ol doggos nor tiny puppers until OT9, that'd be perfectly acceptable.


Pics that make you laugh |OT8| ***PotT Nominees**

Übermatik;200118996 said:

I haven't seen this scene yet and I don't know how anyone would consider that to be spoilers but people are sensitive so heh

Sometimes you catch a meme deep into its lifespan and have no sense of its origin, and wonder if it was ever funny. But with Dat Boi I have no such worries. I don't need to see the original to know it was weak.

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Nominated for PotT.

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Nominated for PotT.
You're the cabbage. Fuck you.

mhh i got lucky. paying 19 dollars a month for 3 gig of data and rest without limit. but i alway buy my phones separate. right now it is an moto x play cause of the nice cam and big battery. maybe going the huawei or one plus route in 2 years

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you can't do that

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