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PlayStation Now - PS4 1st Party Games


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Think what you want to think then but the Sony data is sourced here:

MS data is based on their growth rate from the SEC document (so pretty official) and the base numbers for 2021 are the ones zHugeEx is using. If you think he’s off just remove whichever percent you are comfortable with, it would still show tremendous growth.

Or ignore the numbers and make up your own reality, I don’t mind at all.

My point is that these services have been around a lot longer than 2019. PS+ is the only one where we have consistent data over time. If you want to establish a trend then I think you need more data than what you have. That is my "reality".


Also, the fact that GamePass exist, means that people will expect a service exactly like it.
People aren't demanding a gamepass like service in either Sony or Nintendo, or else PS5 and switch consoles and games wouldn't be selling like hotcakes. It's pretty clear people are happy buying games as they are released.


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You might sell your PS5 if they offer their first party games through their gamepass like service day 1? You would be playing that game on PS5 anyways.....

I wouldn't sell it the day the info releases, but I'd be sold for sure. There's NO WAY Sony could make games that I like on PS+ or PSNow day one 'and' also have the same quality that I'm used to. The math doesn't work!


So I went ahead and looked at PS Now's entire library.

Currently, there are just 29 PS4 games from Sony that are permanently available.

I'm not counting PS3 / PS2 games.
All of these games are native PS4 games / ports.
All can be downloaded on PS4 / PS5.
None of these games list any future date that they will be removed.

Not an especially great or big list, but it does have a few great games.


I then made a list of all of the Sony PS4 1st party games I could think of from the last 8 years.

There are of course more I didn't list here, but as you can see, Sony is holding back the majority of their own games from their own service still. Shows how half baked Sony's own commitment to their service is, and the potential there is to bolster the service in the future. They have a lot of good games waiting to be added permanently.

Yes some of these games were added temporarily, and then removed, but that's not the focus here. And yes, currently, The Last of Us Part II is available on PS Now. It's only temporary and will be removed at the end of the year, as they have done with other games.

Like currently, none of these PS4 games are on PS Now
- The Last of Us Remastered
- Uncharted 4 / Lost Legacy / 123 Collection
- The Order 1886
- Shadow of the Colossus (remake)
- The Last Guardian
- Infamous First Light
- Gran Turismo Sport
- Ratchet & Clank
- Days Gone
... and many more. (Like Knack 2)

And there are no 1st party PSVR games on PS Now. None.


So this shows that 1 - Sony barely gives a fuck about PS Now and its still carried by 3rd party games and PS3 games, and 2 - Sony could easily flip a switch and just throw almost all (or all) of their PS4 games onto the service... if they ever want more people to give a shit about it.


What was the software you used for the second image OP? Also, PS Now is trash so I don't use it anymore.


There is no lead to be followed... GoW and GoT sold like hotcakes.
Just because it sold a lot doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be offered via a subscription service as well.
People who like to own and want to own the games still can.


Just because it sold a lot doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be offered via a subscription service as well.
People who like to own and want to own the games still can.
There's no need for that as long as their games are selling like hotcakes. Maybe when they stop selling.
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