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PlayStation Repair Support Request Question

Back in mid January my Dualsense right stick began drifting badly. The camera in any 3D game spins like the stick is being fully pushed to the left. It makes games completely unplayable.

So, I put in a repair ticket over at PlayStation. They asked for some information, my shipping and billing address, what the nature of the problem was, etc.

After I put the ticket in, I received an email stating the request had been submitted and I would be emailed with further instructions on how to send the controller in for repairs.

I never received another email, so on February 24th I put in another ticket. Still no reply with further instructions.

Anyone ever gone through PlayStation support for repairs? What was your experience? What do I do now? I’m about to go get it fixed locally but wanted to take care of it through them, hoping it’s still under warranty. Tired of using my PS5 as a PS4 with the old controller.
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