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Please help me with my wireless headphones


Jun 2, 2020
So I'm using my DS4 controller on PC using DS4Windows and connecting it over Bluetooth with a simple Belkin USB bluetooth dongle plugged into my PC.

Problem is that I also a pair of JBL headphones that also connect via the same Bluetooth dongle and when I connect both, the controller seems to take priority and the sound becomes really choppy. As soon as I disconnect the DS4 the sound goes back to normal so it's definitely the interference.

Is there anything I can do resolve this? For example, buying another Bluetooth dongle but unless I'm mistaken, Bluetooth is just bluetooth as seen by the Windows OS and there won't be any way to get my DS4 to connect to 'Bluetooth dongle 1' and get the headphones connected to 'Bluetooth dongle 2'

I have a wireless mouse but that has its own (proprietary?) bluetooth dongle that only works with it, so perhaps I just have to get a headset with one of those....?

If that's the case, please suggest a cheap ( like sub $50) pair of headphones.
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