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PocketAdventures - Your Most Memorable Mobile Games


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One of the most entertaining things for me was playing Java games on a mobile phone in my childhood. Since I wasn't allowed a console, it became a memorable past time and purchasing new titles through mobile phone credit was a slippery slope. Many of those available were programmed using JavaME by established developers such as Gameloft and Digital Chocolate. Most of them were simplistic in terms of gameplay and many used the same engine, but the dialogue and graphics were more than enough to a pull a child into their small screens. You can submit as many selections as possible, but note that handhelds such as Gameboys or PlayStation Portables aren't to be included. This is about mobile gaming primarily on the Java platform, but modern smartphone titles are allowed.


Joe Scarlotti's Mafia Wars 2

I never played Mafia Wars 1 assuming there was one but the sequel was something I poured hours into. Set during prohibition, you take on the role of the eponymous Joe Scarlotti. A pastiche of every mobster cliché under the sun who returns to town to exact revenge on those who murdered his wife and child. Your missions involve sabotaging rival gang warehouses, cleaning the streets with a Thompson machine gun and everything in-between. Gamespot actually reviewed this game upon release and rated it an 8/10.


Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Out of the entire Sands of Time trilogy, Warrior Within is my favourite on mobile. Move through lavish levels ranging from a burning pirate ship to ancient temples to the hanging gardens of Babylon. Master button combinations to execute killer moves on the tonnes of brain-dead enemies. You can even jump into the sack with one of the women available at the end of the mission!

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'

Back when 50 wasn't trolling everybody on Twitter and pretending to be broke to avoid the taxman, there was the ironically named Get Rich or Die Tryin' movie alongside it's companion game. Visit different nightclubs and build up your rep through battle raps and diss songs. Collect the cheque come release day but be warned as dissing somebody else does earn favour with other MCs, but not the person on the receiving end who will attempt a drive by on your ass. Make enough money to run everybody out of the town and it's a rap.


For all the Yuji Naka talk lately, just so happens my favorite phone game is Power of Coin.
Easily the best coin pusher/dozer on mobile still. I've poured hundreds of hours into that thing.


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BUMP! I’m confident there are people on here who played on mobile once upon a time. Instead of slandering Xbox or PlayStation over gamechat lol.


A couple of my old school favorites.

Pocket Kingdom: Own The World.

The Battle for Wesnoth

I wish I had time to play more modern phone game these days but I do not. :(
This is about mobile gaming primarily on the Java platform, but modern smartphone titles are allowed.
Is there a way to find out? I really like a smarthphone game from 2010 (and still plays it) but I do not know if it is a "Java game".
(And well, in my childhood phones could not play games)
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Appears as though there was a similar thread made by Stranno 2 weeks ago and thus this one is no longer required. Have the moderators delete it and I'll maybe revive the other one.
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