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Pokemon Legends: Arceus will not be fully open world


kind of dissapointed but if each area is big enough where player can explore in distance like that shown in the trailer, with day night/weather cycle then im fine. even Monster Hunter are like that. if we lucky each area is connected.
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hemo memo

the game looks absolutely awful in general, which is a bigger issue than it not being fully open world.

their engine is pure shit and their dev team seems hugely overwhelmed trying to make anything resembling a modern 3D game
It is an embarrassment that such a juggernaut name is handled by a subpar dev. Give Pokemon to level 5 and I promise you they will give us a proper modern Pokemon title. Game Freak are living in the past so bad that small team limited budget indie devs make open world and games with voice acting now.
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To play devils advocate for a moment....

The hub world design of Monster Hunter is what kept me away from that series for so long, as someone that grew up playing open world RPGs I always saw hub worlds as a design regression.

Then I bought MHW after finally being convinced to try it and I fell in love with the game, literally hundreds of hours sunk. The gameplay shined brighter than any of the perceived limitations that I had imposed upon it by merely peeking in from the outside and I kinda regret not getting into that series sooner.

So while it sounds disappointing that we're not getting our open world Pokemon game (yet), if the gameplay is solid enough I don't think it's worth getting wound up over.
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