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Polish man breaks video game world record with 416 seasons of 'Football Manager'

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Polish man breaks video game world record with 416 seasons of 'Football Manager'​

A Polish man broke a Guinness World Record for the Football Manager soccer video game when he made a single game last for 416 seasons and 134 days.

Guinness World Records confirmed Pawel Sicinski broke the world record for longest game of Football Manager when he played for more than 400 years of in-game time, ending with a soccer match that took place on May 18, 2434.

Pawel's marathon game of Football Manager 2018 ended with his winning 1258 trophies and scoring 58,900 goals in 22,300 matches. He won 71% of his team's matches. He only took 260 days of in-game vacation time.

Pawel took the record from German player Sepp Hedel, who completed 333 seasons in the game.

"What an achievement from Pawel," the official Football Manager account wrote on Twitter. "Taking the phrase 'one more game' to a whole new level."

Source: UPI

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thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
FIFA is often talked about, soccer manager is clearly a non-issue, a goal like that could take years as it did.
You must have never caught the sports management fever.

Personally, no, but I have heard Football Manager was popular in Europe (which makes sense). Still though considering the games that usually occupy Top 10/Top 20 on Steam I regularly see the latest FM games in there and last I checked it was in the Top 10.

Stuff like that creeps under the radar when it comes to Sega.
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