[PS Blog] New DualSense wireless controller colors arrive next month, followed by new PS5 console covers


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The official Playstation 5 charging dock needs more colours as well. That'll bug me having matching colours for the controllers and face plates but not the charging dock.

It was nice when it worked, died on me within 3 weeks. Now I just use one of plenty USB chargers around.


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Im referring to the price of a dual sense which has far more technology involved vs two pieces of molded plastic.

Never said the controller would be $20. I am not sure what you are referring to.

Gotcha. Yeah the $55 is just due to demand. Sony knows that they can charge that and easily sell millions of covers.


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Btw, why don’t these companies embrace silver or chrome more? Both go great with black, and I’d love to see a sleek silver or chrome console.

My favorite dual shock 4 design was the metallic controller color. Hell the original PlayStation was grey, which is close!

More silver/grey/chrome, please!
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The price seems okay to me.

If Apple can sell a cloth for $18 then Sony can sell some plastic panels for $55
Its apple. Its like they looked at all the overpriced accessories from places like t-mobile, at&t and verizon and said: “lets combine those prices.”

so a basic ass plastic case you could find at walmart for $5 is now $55,
Oh but hey: its got the apple logo on it i guess!
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Wish I hadn't purchased the red controller, LOVE the Light Blue, Pink and Purple ones. Same with the system skin, but 55 bucks is laughable to me. Their accessory prices have been bonkers this gen, not a fan.


I like the black, even though I still prefer the Standard, but I cannot find one(PS5). Hopefully next year.


Don't know if I wanna play it safe with black. Or pick the red.

The red looks almost purple. Am I crazy? Can someone with controllers let me know please
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A lot more poor folks on an enthusiast game forum than I would have expected.
I’m going to buy one, but comments like this are retarded. I could afford to spend £500 on a piece of plastic if I wanted to, but I’m not a fucking idiot. If someone thinks $55 for 2 a4 sized sheets of plastic is expensive that doesn’t mean that they are poor inbred hillbillies.


If it doesn’t sell, it will be discounted shortly. According to this thread, they won’t sell more than a few and this will be $10-$20 before they even release so that’s good for everyone
LOL as if, they're not going down. Maybe a sale in for a limited time but people are def gonna buy it at that price.


That purple cover and purple controller look amazing! Cannot wait to refresh the color of my PS5! Let's just hope they arrive in Australia soon...
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