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PS5 Outsells Xbox One Lifetime Sales


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Sony's latest video game console, the PlayStation 5,which is part of the ninth generation of video game consoles, has outsold the lifetime sales of the Xbox One, according to VGChartz estimates.

The PS5 had sold an estimated 58.01 million units worldwide through April 2024, while the Xbox One sold 57.96 million units lifetime.

Up next for the PS5 is the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with 61.91 million units sold, followed by the Nintendo 3DS with 75.94 million units sold and the Game Boy Advance (GBA) at 81.51 million units sold.


Breaking down sales by region, the PS5 has sold an estimated 22.34 million units in North America, 19.04 million units in Europe, 5.58 million units in Japan, and 11.06 million units in the rest of the world. This compared to the Xbox One, which sold 32.97 million units in North America, 14.86 million units in Europe, 0.12 million units in Japan, and 10.02 million units in the rest of the world.

Breaking down PS5 Europe sales, the console has sold an estimated 3.81 million units in the UK, 3.32 million units in Germany, and 3.20 million units in France.

The PlayStation 5 launched in November 2020 and the Xbox One launched in November 2013.

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It's a good thing we now have 2 threads on this irrelevant statistic comparing to a "failed" console. Thanks!


And you comment is the pretty little ribbon on top.

As a duck, I don't have to take feedback from a tooth.

This just in, ps5 sold more units than 3D0!
More units than the Atari Jaguar! More units than Nintendo 64 and Gamecube combined!
More units than the Steam Deck, Asus Ally, Msi Claw and Legion Go combined! More units than every vr headset ever sold combined! Hooray! Viva la Sony....
ps, Xbox sucks.

That's really what's happening here with the title, we might as well be honest. 😁
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