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PS5 owners that play Rocket League on a 4K/60 TV or monitor need to know this graphics quality improvement tip!

So, if you're like me, you play Rocket League on a 4K TV or monitor that is only 60Hz. Well, ever since Psyonix introduced their 120Hz patch, the game's resolution suffers even for those who don't have 120Hz screens. Every time you boot up the game, the image revers to 75% of 4K which can look quite pixelated and not quite sharp enough. Fortunately, there's a simple fix...

All you have to do is open Rocket League, then go down to settings and click it. That's it. You don't have to change any settings or anything, just open settings, then close settings. As soon as you click on Settings in Rocket League, you can watch the resolution jump up to 4K checkerboard instantly. It's a large improvement in my opinion.

Here's a gif what it looks like before clicking settings and after clicking settings.

I don't have a 120Hz screen, so I don't know if this affects those who do, but I have a 4K/60 screen and I've tested this on my monitor and my Samsung 4K TV and it's the same.

Please try this and let me know if it works for you too.

Here are the full images if you want to open them in separate tabs to compare:

Before Settings Menu is Opened:

After Settings Menu is Opened:

The only downside is that you have to do this after every time you reboot the game. Also, this is for PS5 ONLY. Not sure what it's like on XSX. This only became an issue after Psyonix introduced the 120Hz mode on PS5.

PS: The devs contacted me about this issue. For some reason they can't seem to see the problem on their end. I've asked them if they have a PS5 there to try it on, and they said yes they do, but they're not seeing this issue.

Some things I've tried to correct this issue (so you don't have to)... none of them worked:
1. Reinstall the game
2. Delete game save and start fresh
3. Change random settings and restart the game
4. Tried a different TV
5. Tried a different PS5 (my wife has one too)
6. Opened Rocket League from a brand new account
7. Tried changing my system resolution to 1080p
8. Played with different PS5 settings like setting it to prefer graphics/resolution
9. Tried disabling 120Hz mode in PS5 settings
10. Tried enabling 120Hz mode in the PS5 settings (useless on a 60Hz screen, but I thought I'd try it anyway)

Please let me know if you also have this issue or not and if my "fix" worked for you.
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