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PS5 & PS4 Dominate Ubisoft Sales; Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Generates Second-Highest Profit Ever for Ubi

If ubisoft cut down the length of AC games by about half, they would actually be fun to play and good games. It's the bloat that makes it tedious.

On the sales side, ain't nobody expecting xbox to get anywhere near close to PS. That's normal for the bigger brand to do.
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We had leaked numbers from Nov 25th 2020 for Monster Hunter World And Iceborrne as well. This puts things into perspective the different in software sales:

MHW PS4: 8.693 Million
MHW Xbox: 1.789 million

Ps4 Ice borne: 4.545 million
Xbox IB 448k

Are those actual official sales data? That's a ridiculous split and way more than I thought. This is why Microsoft went full in on gamepass. It was the only move they could make when they were getting such a low portion of software sales.


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