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PS5 will lose this gen! Facts!

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According to this schmuck 😂😂

This gen is off to a great start but articles like these really don't help anyone

"But everything else regarding the PlayStation 5 is lacklustre when you look at the specs for the Xbox Series X. Everything is worse. It’s the biggest, heaviest, ugliest, and weakest next generation console. It has the smallest memory, the data transfer process for uploading game data is a nightmare, adding additional memory to the PlayStation 5 means taking the console apart (whereas Xbox just snaps in in seconds) and it just isn’t a very user friendly experience all round. Xbox is a powerhouse and everything just works."


The sales hysteria has been largely fuelled by scalpers, buying up PlayStation 5 consoles since launch last year and re-selling them immediately for profit. Reports indicate that up to 25% of PlayStation 5 consoles have never actually been turned on. They are just sitting with scalpers, waiting to be re-sold on eBay at a high mark-up. Yes, chip shortages have been rife in 2021 and Sony were coming off the back of a ton of consumer goodwill with the successful PlayStation 4, however the scalper issue has driven artificial demand. Being the console leader last gen meant scalpers have mainly focused on PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X.

Past and future-proof​

As a console, the PlayStation 5 has very limited backwards compatibility. Although it does play almost all PlayStation 4 games it plays none from the PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 era. Xbox however has backwards compatibility across thousands of games from all Xbox generations. You can pop in the original Xbox Halo disc from 20 years ago into your brand new Xbox Series X and it just works.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has talked many times about how game preservation is important and he wants to support Xbox consumers as much as he can. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan however seems to favour locking backwards compatibility behind a subscription service where you need to pay a monthly fee to play games you might even already own.

As for the future, the Xbox is not only more powerful but was a little later in getting the console ready for developers before launch. This was to make sure cutting edge development tools were ready for the Xbox developers to be able to take full advantage of in the coming years, whereas the PlayStation 5 is built using older systems and is not as future-proof.

Which one of you wrote this article

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Why am I posting my hot takes here for free? When I could be getting paid for them..

Congrats on the author getting easy money. But isnt that take a little outdated? Seems like he forgot to post the article before launch.

PS5 being the weakest and the memory pathway Sony took being inferior I highly disagree with.

One way I see Microsoft winning or keeping pace with PS5 would be gamepass. Its a good choice for the financially … careful.


While I don't agree the PS5 will lose to Xbox, I do believe Microsoft as a company are making the best moves they've ever made in the video game space. They are leveraging their seemingly bottomless dollars to secure a new paradigm with Game Pass, and Sony and Nintendo had better stay frosty.


Unlikely but possible, horrible take and yes, I didn't read past what OP posted, I'm not going to click on that garbage.
It's already too late. Not gonna get deep into. But the first two years alone had enough good games for a console generation.


Well, the Switch is already at 100 million units, and has a real shot at reaching 150 million. So yeah, its very likely that Nintendo will win the 9th gen, not Sony.

Though their reasoning why Sony will lose is stupid.
Switch so stronk it’s gonnna win two generations.


I'm not going to bother reading that, but please don't tell me it says it will lose because it has no BC?


I saw another reader feature this week that said “Xbox has nothing for serious gamers”. All this stuff is bait, don’t click it, play some video games.
imagine caring about what company wins. have some respect for yourself. we should be thinking are we as consumers winning? unless you have shares in either company you shouldn't really give a fuck what they win, how many consoles they ship, or how much money they make.

last gen PS4 was the more successful console. now this generation Xbox is doing a lot of great things and is a really good choice. i've owned a playstation all my days but i don't feel any loyalty to them. i'm really interested in what MS are doing so more likely to get an Xbox.

competition is good. stop fighting over and defending multi billion/trillion $ companies. buy whatever product you like.
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