[PSA] How to go on media blackout - Spoiler protection tools and youtuber blacklist


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Luck is not necessary, I haven't had any issues. In fact I played God of War (2018) 4 years after the release without being spoiled on anything.


Nope, that's petty bullshit.

These people creating a new phobia of spoilers that I'm sure tiktok or FB will create a name for is just plain stupid. This is simply a pathetic example of how attached to social medias people have become.

"Spoiling" the story will not impact the gameplay at all, that's my point, the story isn't good enough to worry about that, we're not talking about the ending to a well crafted, extremely well written book or movie. Spoiling something like Shutter Island(not an excellent movie, but very well written, this is merely the first that sprang to mind) where the twist completely changes the way you view the movie and changes your perspective of the main character, something that you can "experience" on the 2nd viewing if someone spoiled that, that would be shitty, but for this game nope.

The twist in the last God Of War was a lazy last minute thought, that changed really nothing at all, it was merely the Marvel style "bread crumb" to get you to buy the next game, with no real fleshing out of what it meant or what it could mean, there were no good details to perhaps allude to the fact that the twist was going to happen earlier in the game.

"Spoiling" Ragnarok's story would be the equivalent of telling someone that read Playboy for the articles what all the articles were about before they got to read them.

The aspect of God Of War 2018 that was great were the voice acting performances, and any spoiler won't impact that in any meaningful way. The voice acting was top notch.

Stop aggrandizing shit that doesn't deserve it, and if you think God Of War 2018 had a great story, you need to read a book, or watch some good movies. It was better than most video game stories, but that's not saying anything.
I thought you were doing some good old fashioned trolling until you put this much into a post, but now I see you're genuinely telling others what they should value in a game. That's dumb as fuck. You've taken "I" and confused that with "Everyone". I don't know if you have a superiority complex, but something's clouding your judgement.

The simple truth is that no matter how much effort you put into to trying to convince people they should be fine with spoilers, you will never convince them. And no one has to justify not wanting spoilers in something they've bought to enjoy, because it's a personal choice that doesn't affect anyone else. Not you, not anyone.

Stop being a cunt about it.


Looks pretty useful if you want to be extra careful but I find that all it takes is to simply avoid looking up anything related to the thing you're waiting for. Otherwise you're pretty much asking for it, lol.

Also, not being terminally online helps too.
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