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Psychonauts 2 review thread

Null Persp

Those are really great scores, but I am not surprised, I knew it would be a goty contender.
I've played the first one on Steam ,after sitting in the backlog for years, and I was quite surprised how good it was, it became one of my top favorite adventure/platformer games.

Dr Bass

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Light platforming with multiple powers. More exploration and dialogue than most platformers. Light puzzles involving using the correct items at certain times.

It's comparable to Mario and Astrobot, but it doesn't control as smoothly as Mario. Has more story than both of them. The art style and general creativity carry a lot of it. Some levels are like Space Channel 5, some like Mario Galaxy, some are like X-files but hilarious, some like a crazy Mexican graffiti fever dream. It's a basic platformer / collect-a-thon though in terms of gameplay.
Might be worth giving it a whirl. I watched some bit of a video review and seeing it, it looks like it has charm to it. Often times properties like these need to be experienced to be understood. :messenger_smiling_with_eyes:

Dr. Suchong

Very happy to see such positive reviews!
I'll play the shit out of it!
Shame Rhombus was vr only. Doesn't it bridge the story gap between 1&2? Probably best check youtube or something.
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Awesome that DF delivered. I'll have to try this later on after completing the 1st one. Should be able to find it on the cheap.


I'm very happy for this Game, and sincerely I was not expecting such great scores. VERY HAPPY. Only one thing, I had in my mind this Game exclusive to XBox and PC...I was wrong, it's also available on PS4 and can be played on PS5 right ? But I believe the XSX should be the best version together with good PCs... how the graphics on XSX compare to Ratchet, just curious. Basicly they are both day one for me.


From Klobrille’s Twitter;

Game is an absolute stunner :messenger_fire:

Davey Cakes

2021 has been a pretty great year for games, eh?

Anyone else's backlog getting even more out of hand?
My backlog was out of hand four years ago and host only gotten more ridiculous since.

Anyone who complains about not having anything to play is out of their mind. We're basically at market saturation and really good stuff is still coming out. We still have games that are instant classics, regardless of budget.


This being on the coat-tails of the Ratchet MC score is a great indicator of the current healthy state of platformers. Hope it continues, it's a genre I really really enjoy. Can't wait to play this soon.
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NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Psychonauts 2 reviewed by Tom Marks, also available on Xbox and PlayStation.

As the long-awaited sequel to Double Fine's original 2005 Psychonauts, as well as its 2017 VR follow-up The Rhombus of Ruin, Psychonauts 2 brings a bit of that mid-2000s action-platformer clunkiness along with it, but it's still an excellent successor that has just about everything I could have hoped for from a sequel.
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Double Fine were always great at the story and character part. if MS combine DF with the technical prowess of Rare they will have a super studio in their hands.


This being on the coat-tails of the Ratchet MC score is a great indicator of the current healthy state of platformers. Hope it continues, it's a genre I really really enjoy. Can't wait to play this soon.
We definitely need more platformers.


The thing thats surprising to me here is just the sheer confidence the game has whenever it isn't being actively played as a platformer. The focus isn't on glitz but just insanely good writing and emotive animation on those characters and the choices(in the narrative there are sometimes 6+ questions or points) just feels almost mini RPG like if that makes sense. It makes it smooth, it just flows from one moment to the next. Though that first 15 minute looks rough.
Fantastic kudos to Xbox game studios yet again.

MS first party on fire this year. 2 back to back critical darlings. 90 rated game.

Newly acquired studios will change MS image forever in future when it comes to quality games.

343 only black spot in their portfolio. Burn em.
So were happy Neogaf? I don't see much activity here and it seems like almost GotY material this year
MSFS2020 on XBOX is, but that's besides the point.
They are salty as hell.
Can we put to bed once and for all the garbage notion that somehow if a game is on gamepass day one its somehow inferior?
Game pass best thing happened to gaming. If you hate game pass you hate gaming.
So close to pulling the trigger on this - and I WILL in the future - but my backlog is out of control!!! Trying to plat spiderman on DLC2, still haven't done Miles, in the middle of Doom Eternal and Mass Effect 1 Legendary....
So glad this turned out well.


advanced basic bitch
I'm curious how this would have turned out without MS funding. I'll check it out for sure. I couldn't get into the first one but I tried it years after.


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Microsoft is definitely funding genius risky titles.

The writing in this will be unparalleled, especially for the platforming genre.

Cant wait to play!
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