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"Push Square: The PS5, PS4 Release Schedule for 2023 Is Officially Bonkers"


Releasing good games and not giving false hope and excuses year on year.

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It does exactly what it says on the tin. Nowhere in the title does it state exclusive games only. Wtf are you on about?
I know it doesn’t explicitly say “exclusive” but how can you look at the thread title and not expect to see a list of exclusives or timed?


I'm expecting that at least half of the games with just a "2023" date will be delayed to 2024. In the end we will get pretty regular year, but at least first quarter looks very packed, yeah.


I only expected to see a list of games I can play on my PS5 next year. Whether they are exclusive or not is irrelevant really. Only those with a fanboy mentality would go into the thread thinking differently.
Really? So when a thread title mentions a specific platform , it’s only the fanboys that except to discuss things that are exclusive to said platform??

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Sony don’t really need to drop many first party games, but we know they’ll have:

Spider-Man 2 (PS5)
MLB: The Show (PS4 & PS5)
Stellar Blade (PS5)
Horizon: Call of the Mountain (PSVR2)
Firewall: Ultra (PSVR2)

We should also expect:

Helldivers 2 (PS5 & PC, possibly PS4)
Returnal PC
Horizon: Forbidden West (PC)
The Last of US Part 1 (PC)
Ghost of Tshusima (PC)

And probably a lot more

Hope we get Horizon FW DLC next year


Releasing good games and not giving false hope and excuses year on year.


Ironically, a hefty chunk of the games in the OP were delayed from 2022. Including many of the games that are projected to be ‘good’ like Final Fantasy XVI and Hogwarts Legacy.


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Pretty sure there was a thread posted for Xbox games for 2023 that had a mix of gamepass and multiplatform games recently.

Don't see you crying about that, I wonder why that is?

Where do you actually see me crying?

Take your blue tinted glasses up and stop see console warring everywhere geez

But sorry I don't see all threads on Gaf bro.
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Imagine being a journalist and unironically writing a headline touting the release schedule for a 10 year old console.

These are the ones from the list I will be playing for sure, but maybe not all at day 1.
Nice choices. The older I get the less gaming interests me unfortunately, so I'm harder to cater for.

My potential purchases.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Hogwarts Legacy
Dead Island 2
RoboCop: Rogue City


Only person triggered here is you and Mike. You're always bitching about warring when it's one way. Never once seen you get on your high horse when it's Xbox warriors doing it.
Triggered about what? I don’t give a shit. I popped in to have a look at the expected games. I wasn’t even going to post until that guy got angry for no reason. Anyway why ain’t you already in battle with you arch nemesis adamsapple adamsapple ? You follow him around like a stalker lol

You rarely see me calling out Xbox fanboys because I am rarely in PlayStation threads.
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So what do we have for console exclusives?

FF 16

We need at least 2 more AAA bombshells to make it a great exclusive year

And FF7 isn’t coming out next year obviously
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2023 is genuinely shaping up to be one of the most outrageously packed years for gaming that we've seen in generations.

Without further ado...

Now this is just getting silly, isn't it? The mad part is that Sony currently only has one first-party blockbuster scheduled for 2023, and that's Marvel's Spider-Man 2. It's not unreasonable to expect at least one more PlayStation Studios title to drop next year.

Multiplatform, game pass titles, more Xbox exclusive scheduled. Yeah, ok.


People saying this is a list war.

Is it really a list war when 99 percent of the games are multi platform?

I'm more willing to say OP forgot there are other platforms than playstation
2023 should be great for all consoles, assuming no delays (big assumption). Most of these games listed will be on Xbox and Nintendo will deliver some bangers on switch. And Xbox has a ton of first party games releasing next year. Gonna be a good year!


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There is no any narrative, it's an article from Push Square who is focused on Playstation games. Like PC Gamer focused on PC games, something like Mondo Xbox on Xbox games. Just a list of notable PS games, doesn't mean that they are exclusive.

.... Uh, it's just a list of games then, right?


This happens *every year*. Mad games get delayed, and, then towards the end of the year people start with the "ohhhh next year is going to be RIDICULOUS" and then they get delayed again. Cycle continues.

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16 games for me plus the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 which I don't include as a separate game since it's an add-on to an already existing base game. There are six games that are 50/50 - Forspoken, Dead Island 2, Dead Space, RoboCop, Like a Dragon Gaiden and Stellar Blade. The other ten games are 100% guaranteed day one. 2023 should be one hell of an amazing year for gaming.
People saying this is a list war.

Is it really a list war when 99 percent of the games are multi platform?

I'm more willing to say OP forgot there are other platforms than playstation
These threads usually go downhill the minute someone mentions 'gamepass', and I'm still trying to figure out why just the mention of that word creates such a huge snowball effect.
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