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Rastan; a perfect game IMO. But what are your "perfect games"


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I'm gonna say DOOM. Every weapon is useful, every enemy type has it's place during the whole game, the level design is fantastic and the atmosphere and music where something else back in it's day.

(it even has Cacodemons!)

Also, Pacman



My GOAT shmup. Everything from the music to the level design encapsulates gaming in my teens. To those shooter(shmup) fans out there this one is a gem that stands with the greats.

Edit: I enjoy the hell out of Rastan as well on the Taito Mini. It even came with a plastic Rastan/Mini plastic sheet.
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Rastan is one of the only games I was able to beat in a single quarter back in the day. Love the hell out of that game!
Oh, rats, of course, I wrote the wrong game. I forge that Zelda 2 had such a boring subtitle for a very intriguing sequel - The Adventures of Link - and got them mixed up.

Although technically, I do believe you can downslash or spinjump or something in Link's Awakening's 2D chambers, if you don't just stomp the oddly-present goombas. But that's not the game I was thinking of and that's not pogo'ing, which is what I thought was cool about Rastan and Zelda 2 and wish more games had.

Zelda II was a great expansion on Rastan's mechanics. I would have sold plasma for a next-gen Super Metroid level improved successor. (Ok not literally.) That would have been beyond perfect.

Super Mario World 1 is faultless.

Found it too easy and lacking in variety compared to Mario 3. (Though it's still great and faced development period limitations.)
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