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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart’s latest trailer may hint at the game coming to PC

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Nah, hes very nice, sweet and cool. He's just being taken out of context you see.

This reminds me of the time when Ramsey Bolton cut off Theon's penis. He was just being nice you see. If only Theon knew the context and Ramsey's upbringing, he would know that Ramsey was a fucking psychopath.
I just love how you are doing the same and somehow don't see the irony.


Well not to most PlayStation users. By sales data anyway. You can pretend it is here all you like though. Enjoy.
Huh? Most PS exclusives sell in the millions on PS consoles.
Going by what you are saying is like saying Nintendo exclusives don't sell either as although some sell more than PS ones the sales still pale in comparison to the amount of Units sold.

If you were talking MS and it's XB exclusives you would have a argument but you aren't so you don't.


Eurogamer completely misunderstands the technology, this article is way off.

There are that many source triangles; those triangles are then scaled down much smaller for disk storage, and then even smaller for rendering.

The crazy high detailed stuff is imported into the engine tools, not used by the game directly.
That would explain the low poly stuff in R&C.
Im seeing some talk on how the I/O is bullshit.

Excluding the forums was there any bullshit said about it from Cerny or developers?

I'm assuming that we can still use the Road to PS5 and official comments from developers on anything I/O related. I can understand that some people here might not interpret the facts correctly or spread misinformation about it.
That would explain the low poly stuff in R&C.

Rivets goggles?

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