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Recently finished Ender Lilies. Anyone here play it?


Neighbours from Hell
I really liked it, though it did really frustrate me at times. It's almost a pure Metroidvania except it has Souls like difficulty with the battles, like any enemy can kill you and can take a substantial chunk of health with every hit. The good news is unlike Souls, you don't get any penalty for dying, but some of the fights are pretty difficult and require multiple attempts to win.

A couple boss fights really frustrated me, and admittedly I do grow tired of the formula of dying over and over until you master it. But at the same time it can be as rewarding as it is frustrating, and I found it rewarding here.

The soundtrack was absolutely phenomenal. Loved the art direction too.

Anyone here play it? If not, and you love Metroidvanias and difficult games, I recommend it.
Played and platinumed about a month ago. Good game, teeters on great at times.

Biggest gripes I had were: (1) lore storytelling was mediocre. Not terribly interesting, which feeds off of my #2, which is (2) one note enemy designs. Everything was channeling a very Soulsian-like post-apocalyptic premise, but it become tiring as all bosses (and grunts) didn't do much to set themselves apart from each other aesthetically. Neither were bad, but they weren't memorable.
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