Red Dead Redemption Remake and RDR 2 next-gen are new Rockstar projects – Rumor

I'd play a Red Dead 1 remake (hell, even a remaster) on PC in a heartbeat.

If doing a remake, retcon at least a mention of Arthur and the rest of the gang in Red Dead 1. (Continuity is not great on that front; I can understand since Red Dead 2 likely wasn't even a concept when Red Dead 1 came out).
There were like 3 GTA games on PS2 alone?

But it is not Rockstar fault game development takes ages now. It is what it is.
I know. It's precisely because game development takes so long I wish each was a new experience, but instead it seems like they've realized people will just buy the same old shit with a new coat of paint. It's also a self perpetuating cycle: games take ages to make->more detailed games/less games->player expectations go up/every game needs to be for everyone->need to fulfill high expectations/take less risks->games take ages to make.

I don't know how the cycle can be broken but I'd easily take a game half as detailed and half as long as RDR2 if it meant we got more than 1 game a gen from Rockstar.


Sounds good but likely full price for the update like GTA5, can’t throw console gamers a bone and make it 60 at least for owners.


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I’m definitely in on day one, bundled or separate. I was playing Red Dead Online for quite awhile, but they‘ve pretty much abandoned it. If these rumors are true, it makes sense why that happened, and honestly I’m all for it. Especially since they will likely open up RDO on PS5/XBX with new features and such.


I will cream for RDR with RDR2 graphics. Give me an option to turn off skinning animations though please.......
Hopefully they just leave the glitch in, you position your horse just to the right of the animal and then spam dismount/mount/triangle/Y and it skips the animation because the horse is too close, I would've gone mad without knowing that one so my condolences.
Even if it’s already playable in 4K on series X , a remake of the first game with better textures, 60fps and a new lightning system would be great.
Exactly 100% this.

An IRL buddy played it on Xbox One X, and he said that while some aspects were nice at 4K, "some textures are rough and show their age."

Also make the morality system closer to Red Dead 2 (aka: make it matter)... In Red Dead 1 it's almost inconsequential.


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Take a look at this GREAT footage from different Unreal Engine 5 reels and projects and imagine how a new RED READ REDEMPTION remake or the new RED DEAD REDEMPTION 3 might possibly look like in the future.
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