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Reikon Games announces sci-fi first-person shooter Final Form for consoles, PC


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Prime Matter, the new publishing label under Koch Media, and Ruiner developer Reikon Games have announced Final Form, a first-person shooter coming to consoles and PC. Specific consoles were not announced. It will be available both physically and digitally.

Here is an overview of the game, via Prime Matter:

A new definer within the first-person shooter category, where players can fully customize their Valkyrie’s skills and premium looks, and team up with fellow robotic saviors in an escalating dance of movement and combat against an unknown enemy force in a post-cyberpunk universe.
Final Form (working title) is a science-fiction first-person shooter taking players on an action-packed adventure as a humanoid avatar of a sentient spaceship. The mission expands beyond the edge of the known Universe, in a race against an unstoppable plague, to protect the last celestial being, essence of life and creation.
“Making this game is like coming back to our roots,” said Reiko Games co-founder Magdalena Tomkowicz in a press release. “Final Form (working title) has been brewing and growing for a long time, inspired by our passion for exploring the unknown and nourished by works of art that contemplate possible futures of mankind, the civilization we call our own and whatever might lie beyond.”

Tomkowicz continued, “We’re looking forward to revealing more of Final Form, its blood-pumping movement and combat, breath-taking environments and haunting universe. The main focus of our work is the soul of the game.”

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I really wanted to love Ruiner, but the gameplay didnt do it for me, it was too rigid for me, it had that annoying thing where enemies can't be "one-cycled" no matter how fast you intercept/react to them so I just felt like it was a chore to play. I appreciate that sometimes but as I get older I want games where you can drill down the gameplay as you learn/play.

I don't want to be doing the same movements after 10 hours as when I started, makes it feel like a chore to me, exact same as Hollow Knight. Its strange because they are obviously going for a Metroid thing with that where you have to wait for your opportunity and I often love that there, but its usually confined to the bosses rather than the general mobs so you still get those two different experiences.

Hopefully this will be cool, it certainly looks stylish, I like the use of motion blur and post processing effects.


it looks cool but i think they should have stuck with the ruiner universe. you already had the perfect setting for your next game, it doesn't get much butter than ruiner when it comes to a cyberpunk setting. they could have easily made an fps and called it ruiner 2. hopefully the singleplayer won't suffer because of coop.
I know it's a working title but I'm imagining this trending and having a laugh: #NotMyFinalForm

Anyway, the muted colour palette and the visual designs reminds me a little of Dark Sector.
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