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Report: Alan Wake Remastered Runs On a New Engine and Supports Ray-Tracing

Alan Wake fans should be excited to know that a remaster of the game is in development. It was leaked through a Taiwanese retailer with a date of October 5. We have some new information to share on this, courtesy of our own source.
  • Alan Wake Remastered will use the Northlight Engine by Remedy Entertainment, previously used in Control.
  • The game supports ray-tracing for reflections on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, but not on last-generation consoles.
  • There is no Nintendo Switch version. While we haven’t heard from our source about it, maybe a Cloud version can happen like Control.
  • Last-generation consoles will benefit from higher resolution and QoL changes but no ray-tracing.
  • The remaster will support 60 FPS.
Alan Wake Remastered will be announced next week according to analyst Daniel Ahmed.



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I love Remedy. What if they were making Alan Wake 2 exclusive to PS5 that would be crazy lol


I mean this is a game about aiming a flashlight at enemies. RT is a perfect fit. Cool! I want hope it's 60 FPS and RT on console but probably not.


This will probably look very impressive.

Get your GPUs ready folks, this will probably be one of those games that will be a good benchmark, if Control is anything to go by.


Was the first one any good?
Yes and no...
Like it is one of the last big, hand made, original big budget games.
It has heart, well thought out story n brilliant when it comes to the way it is told, absolutely gorgeous visualls n some of the best sound design...
But if you not hypnotized by it's charm n ll try to look closely at different elements ... It kinda not great...

So it sucks unless it ll become one of ur favorite games ever.
I am in a latter camp of people.
We like our 3rd person games to be ambitious, charming n original above all else

Buggy Loop

Day one. Was hitching to replay it in the past few years when autumn came. It’s the perfect north east small village (New-Hampshire/Maine) look ala Stephen king and Twin Peaks. With ray tracing? So in.


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dr steve brule confusion GIF


Devs need to be careful about translating old games into a new engine. Require time and money, and we got a bunch of terrible example like Crysis Remastered and Sonic Colors.


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I think we all saw this coming with Control, but I'm surprised they're announcing so close to release.
Question is...will I like it 🤔


No sure how necessary a PC remaster will be, as it looks pretty great still. Unless we're talking a serious upgrade here, the only thing I'd say that has aged poorly is the character models, particularly in the faces, if they improve those dramatically with proper performance capture, then probably worth it, otherwise, not sure I see the point, for console it's worth it though for obvious reasons. The original is a classic btw, everyone should get to enjoy it's masterful storytelling, sucked me in like few games do, still wanting a (hopefully woke free, hehe) sequel!


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So this is a remake, not a remaster?
Hard to say.
I like to think of remake as "re made assets". If they just had to port all assets to new engine and that's it.. it could maybe classify as a remaster?
New coat of paint is a remaster but stuff like Demons Souls is a remake.

But I am sure if they are using Control engine, the game will be a full remake with new textures, models and RT.
I think RT is a good fit for this game as you use flashlight all the time !


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Game also needs some next gen gameplay that comes with it, the original one is dated on that front pretty big.

Anyway with RT will for sure play it. This game was visually absolutely amazing when it came out, the water and shadows where something else.

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Raytracing in alan wake makes it day one for me, any word on if it includes the dlc?
Certain the two dlc would be in absolutely. What im wondering is will American Nightmare make the cut since it is reference quite literally in Control AWE DLC and I was so confuse since I never played AN.


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I never got the praise for this game. It had a scary atmosphere, but it was essentially running from bright light to bright light most of the game. I found it pretty forgettable, though certainly not a bad game.


Ffs, I only just finished the original 360 version a few months ago on game pass.
Really enjoyed it, but I think it's a 'play it once' type of game. Ahh well...


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If the graphics mode (with RT) is like in Control that's a big no thanks. That game feels absolutely terrible in that mode, so sluggish. The performance mode is great though, and easily worth sacrificing RT for.


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I bought it on ebay when it was on sale for an actual dollar and felt like I wanted my money back

The story while it had potential was super tedious, game is repetitive as all hell, generic enemies,
crap camera and just BORING overall which was a shame because its not a 'bad' game halfway decent rental I guess replay value is next to nill even if someone did enjoy it...IMO

Alan Wake getting a remake feels like scraping the bottom of the barrel


That would be a huge undertaking

Probably more like a remake than a remaster

I'm happy af right now. Alan Wake was my favorite 360 exclusive. I replay it once a year.

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...please disperse...
Was the first one any good?
It's got a pretty dedicated cult following at the very least. It's been sitting in my pile of shame forever so I can't personally vouch.

Anyway, sounds like this is gonna be the kind of remaster we need to pay again for rather than a free upgrade. That's my main takeaway.
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